Monday, February 27, 2012

My First Blog

So, Hi everyone! If there's anyone reading this... Well anyway I'm Kayla and I'm in love with everything makeup. This is my first ever blog and I created it on a whim, and I intend for it to be completely and totally about makeup and beauty. Maybe a few health and life things thrown in there, but mainly beauty. Inner and outer beauty that is. I am (sadly) only 14, so I will talk like a teenager lol. <---- first example :) But anyways I may have one or two posts a day at first just to get some attention, then I may slow down. I'll try and start doing OTD but some days I may skip if its the same or i forget to take a picture. I'll have pictures of makeup looks I do, I'm really into using makeup as art supplies and my face as a canvas :) I'll have quotes and product reviews. Now, being only 14 I don't have a job yet, so I only get allowance every week and I go shopping about 1 or 2 times a week so I will not always have like brand new makeup reviews. I also don't wear like foundation or liquid makeup as much because I'm still young and to me it'd be pointless as it would probably come off by the end of school :)

So anyways please please read and if you can comment (I don't know if you can, I'm very knew to blogging-don't even read many myself) please do comment! Tell me tips that you have! Or experiences you have with makeup! Please try and refrain from leaving mean or hurtful comments though please....

Thanks, love you guys! Peace!

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