Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail of the Day

Hey again!
       I actually did this a couple days ago. I was inspired by the MAC Hey, Sailor! line. In the picture you may not be able to tell, but the stripes are actually navy blue. I made the stripes with tape that I put the navy blue nail polish over. All in all, it was actually really easy to do. The only problem I had was cutting the stripes to the same size. I learned how to do the stickers on Be sure to check them out because they have a ton of great manicures and hair tutorials. 

Thanks guys!! As always please comment and follow! 

DIY Braided Back Tank

Hey girlies! (or guy-ies)
So as it is summer, I spend most of my days at home, super bored. So I was on Pinterest (my second addiction) and I found a DIY for a braided back tank top made out of an old t-shirt. So, I dug up an old t-shirt and started cutting! Its super simple and really cute. I made mine out of a shirt that was origanally an XL while I'm a small. Now it fits perfectly. Please excuse my bra strap lol, I took this pick right after I made it and it was late so I didn't have on my bikini. Anyways, here's the link: aquĆ­: heres how: DIY braided back shirt 

So, do you guys have any favorite DIY's? Leave a link in the comments below! I've found myself really needing stuff to do over the summer and diy's are a great way. Also follow me on pinterest! I have a bunch of different pin boards that are all pretty cool :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Reads

Hey guys,
So as you may know, I read a ton! Like a ton a ton! And I love telling people about what I read. Too much sometimes...but anyways I'm going to share my favorite summer reads with you guys. And don't think "oh reading, boo, its summer you don't read over summer" Because I promise, it will pay off if you read a lot. I mean I've gotten top reader in my school for the past three years and out of it I  got a free 8g ipod nano, a kindle, and a kindle fire. All brand new, all free. Just for reading! So, reading really does pay off. But anyways, let's get started!

  1. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles- ok, so this is my all time favorite book in the world. Like no kidding, it's a story full of battling racial differences, social differences, and falling in love with someone you never would've even given a second glance. It really is such a great great book and I try to get all my friends to read it and they get so annoyed when they see me caring it around again.      Its def. a good book for any of those hopeless romantics and perfect for something to read on the car ride  to where ever for vacay. It also has one or two sequels, I've only read one and its also very very good.
  2. Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendlin Van Draanen- True to it's name, this is a story about a girl who is on search for the perfect kiss. She finds a lot out about herself along the way and learns a bunch of great life lessons. I think this is great for any girl with self esteem issues. I know I read it right after a breakup and it helped me a lot. And not to mention it's funny as heck! I really enjoyed this book and I think anybody who read it would find something in it to relate to.  
  3. Wither by Lauren DeStefano- Another one of my favorites, it takes place in the future where men die at twenty-five and women die at twenty. In effect of the early deaths, men are paired together with up to seven wives to "breed" so that the human race won't die out. Girls are kidnapped by people and taken to bear children while the few willing scientists that are left try to find an antidote. All except for the lucky rich are left in the rubble of whats left of the world. This is a story about a girl who has been taken to be the wife of rich man and finds herself falling in love with a helper while trying to figure out a plan to get out before she is forced into the same horrible fate as her sister-wives.  I would recommend this to a girl who likes love stories with a twist. Usually I wouldn't go near any book with any type of science-fiction in it but I found myself really enjoying this.
  4. Embrace by Jessica Shirvington- There's not much I can say about this book, except how amazing it is!! It's good for a girl who's more into the paranormal aspect of romance. Its angels and demons so no sparkly vampires or over-sized dogs :) It's also about a girl trying to find out who she is and what her whole life has been about and its over-all just a really great read. I found myself not wanting to put it down when i was reading it.
  5. Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate- This book, Oh I loved this book. I've never been one to cry over books, ever. And this book made me sob. This is def. a book for falling asleep to. I wouldn't recommend this to read while your around people, especially if your an over sensitive cry-baby like myself. This is a story about love and friendship and putting those to the ultimate test. When your given the obstacle that your best friend is dieing and only has a limited time left, and happens to be in love with the person you love, what will you do to make her last days the best she's ever had.This is also a great book for anybody who is going through tough times with a friend. It will make you re-think everything about your relationships. This is def a story about what sacrifices someone will make for true friendship. It's a short book, and it is def worth the time to read. If I could make every person I've ever met read this book, I would. No doubt about it. 
So those are my top summer reads, I know I love them and I'm sure you guys will too. Read them and tell me what you think, or if you've read them, tell me what you thought. Thanks guys! As always comment and follow.

Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit

Two posts in one day!
 Can you believe it? This is awesome! Anyways, this post is going to be about finding the perfect bathing suit according to your body and personality. I hope you enjoy!

 Smaller on Top: 

If you're like me, and have a smaller bust, go for ruffles, bandeau tops, and padding! Ruffles will fill you out and give the allusion of curves up top. Lucky us, we're the only ones who look right in bandeau tops :) the look great and feminine, plus they give the least amount of tan lines if you wear then strapless. Something I like to where is a push up bandeau, it really does look great and it give the illusion that I have a little somethin' up top ;) Also, try to stay away from halter tops (at all) or with thick straps, if your smaller on top, sometimes that will bring to much attention to your shoulders and make your shoulders look much wider than they actually are.

I recommend: The Madi Push-Up Bandeau top from Victoria's secret, the Lace Ruffle Bandeau top from VS, and the Belle Bandeau top from VS. I own the bellle and I've tried on the other too and they look great!

Bigger on Top: 

Ok, so support and comfort are the main thing. Underwire is your best bet for support. Halter tops will definitely give you enough support, or something with a shelf. If your the more active type and plan to be swimming a lot, you may want to go with a one piece to make sure nothing pops out. I certainly don't recommend a push-up, you really don't need it, so stick with something that has light padding. You also don't want to look to top heavy. Seeing as I'm not bigger on top, I can't recomend anything specific....sorry girls!

Bigger on Bottom

If your a little bigger on bottom (also like me, thanks mom!) you need to try and pull the eye upwards. You also are probably going to have to shop for separates so you don't get a bottom that's the wrong size. This is the season for mis-matched suits. So, find something where the top is lighter than the bottom to draw the eye upwards. Or look for a swim-suit where the detailing is at the top; like beading, ruffles, patterns, whatever you like! Also, try a higher cut bottom, it'll make your legs look longer and thinner . :)

Straight as a Ruler

Ok so what you girlies want are curves? Well I'm gonna give it to you the easy way. You have to create the illusion of curves. Little details like beads, buttons, ties, and cutouts that draw your waist in and you bum,hips, and girls out will do everything for you. In almost every store you can find a cute little monokini that is cut in the shape of curves and in affect makes it look like you have curves too!

I recommend:
Victoria's Secret push-up wireless monokini.

Okay girls! I hope you all have fun embarking on your swimsuit searches! Take friends who will support you and tell you how you really look! With the right bathing suit, you can conquer summer. Remember to not try and change your body, just stay healthy and love what you have. As always comment and follow I would love to hear your thoughts :) Bye girls!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey guys!

      So I just got out of school on Thursday so that's why there haven't posted in a while. Sorry! But now since there's no school and I'm going to be spending most of my days at home, watching my brother and the dog, there are going to be a lot more posts!
       Anyways, today I'm going to share with you my beauty essentials for the summer. I'm of course basing this on my summer here in sunny Georgia so you can change anything to your specific area :)

  • First of all, never leave your house without sunscreen! I do not care if your makeup says it has SPF in it, you'd rather be safe than sorry. Nobody wants sunburn when they're trying to make a splash.

  • Secondly, I don't suggest wearing a lot of makeup during the summer. If your like me and spend 75% of your summer in water, than thats not a good idea. Even if a product is waterproof, that usually means tear or rain proof not underwater proof. Ya know what I mean? And nobody wants to look lik a raccoon when they're in the pool with a cute guy ;) I recommend just a trusty waterproof mascara if you really want to wear a little something.
  • Every girl needs a good pair of flip flops. They need to be comfy and cheap. Don't go out and buy a fancy pair of coach flip flops, stick with the 2$ ones from walmart :)

  • A bikini!! Duh! Every girl needs a perfect bathing suit that fits there body and personality :) (My nexy post will be about bathing suits so stay tuned!)

  • Conditioner. I can not stress this enough, especially for my curly-haired girlies like myself. If your like me and spend a lot of time in the pools you'll definitly need it. The chlorine in the pool with kill any moisture in your hair. Make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment ever couple of weeks to keep your locks lush.

  • A good pair of sunglasses. Your eyes are obviously very important, so make sure to protect them with a cute pair of sunglasses. That way, you'll be stylish and protected :)

  • Smile! Remember, even with or without makeup, you will always be a million times more beautiful with a big smile on your face :)
I hope you guys like this! As always comment and follow it really makes my day when someone tells me what they think! The postly question is: what do you think is your most used beauty product in the summer? Tell me, I really wanna know! Thanks guys love you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Hair Care Routine: For Dry or Curly Hair

Ok, so I know there are girls out there who have really really really curly hair, like myself. And I know I always have trouble finding like hair care routines or products or tips that fit my hair. So, I decided to make this blog post because i want to help the curly cuties out there! And If your boyfriend or something has really curly hair but is male, this would probably work for him too! So first I'm going to show you a picture of my hair on a good day :)

So yeah it's really really curly. So let's get started with my hair care routine!
  • So first, I take a shower every morning and style my hair in there. All I have to do its put a whole bunch of conditioner in my hair, brush it out, and then put a little more in  when I get out before wrapping my hair in a towel. 
  • I let my hair stay in the towel for about ten minutes before taking it out and letting it air dry. Once I've gotten out of the shower, I try to limit my contact with my hair.
  • My is generally still like soaking wet when I take it out of the towel and it doesn't completely dry untill about 11 am at school. So it takes around three or four hours to completely dry with the conditioner in it.
  • I keep so much conditioner in it because with out it, my curls are all like fuzzy and I hate it. When I have the conditioner in it, it separates my curls in smooth, shiny, perfect, little ringlets. 
  • I wash my hair about once a week, why? Because it makes my hair dry and fuzzy. Which is another  bonus to all the conditioner in my hair: it makes my hair smell awesome!!
  • I use the Panteen moisture renewal line for curly hair
  • Once a month I do a deep conditioning hair treatment with mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and pure vanilla.

So that's it! Its pretty simple, nothing to hard or complicated. I hope you liked it!! I love to here your feedback so comment and follow please. And of course I have my post-ly question:  If you could get a tattoo what would you get, where, and why? And if you already have one or some, what is favorite one, where is it, and why? Thanks guys love you! xoxo Kayla

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Skin Care Routine

hey guys!

Sorry its been sooo long since i'm posted, I had two weeks of testing in school and then I left for a class trip the day after and we just got back last night. But anyways, this post is going to be my skincare routine in total detail. I have to do a lot to keep my skin happy, lol. So, I hope you guys enjoy!!

     So every morning I wash my face with LUSH's Fresh Pharmacy face wash. After that, I wipe my face down with Clean and Clear Astringent, applying extra on my problem areas. After that, I apply my moisturizer., which I can't remember the name of at the if you really would like to know, just leave a comment down below and I'll tell you.

      When I get home from school, I wash my face again with the same face wash. I have to do this step because after a day at school my skin is sometimes pretty oily, and after school I have tumbling so i get all hot and sweaty so I don't want to add on to the oil that's already on my face.

        When I'm get ready for bed, I wash my face with Lush's Angels on Bare Skin. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, though, I combine that with Lush's Coal Face. Also, before I go to bed, I put some vaseline on my eyelashes with a q-tip

         On Saturdays, I have a mini spa day. I wash my face with warm water, the scrub my face with a mixture of sugar and olive oil. After that I wash my face with Fresh Pharmacy to get the oil off my face. Then I apply a cucumber peel-off face mask and let that dry and what not. After that I apply my moisturizer and take a nice long nap.

So that's my skincare routine. Gosh it feels like so much more when I'm actually telling people.

So tell me: Whats the most unusual part of your skin care routine? Do you do something a little weird or abnormal? Like mixing olive oil and sugar and using it as a scrub?  tell me!