Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Your Must-Have Beauty Item?

okay so I'm just expierimenting with things and wanted to see if I could actually post a poll cuz I've seen it posted on other blogs and I always wondered how. So yea if you see this and the poll isn't there then I'm sorry and I'll probably take it down. But, if it is there please vote I really wanna know your answers!

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thanks guys! be expecting a haul and a what's in my school bag/purse sometime this week or next week :) xoxo kayla

Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of School Outfit, Hair and Makeup

Hey guys so today was my first day of school as a freshman. It was lots of fun so I decided to show you guys what I wore and how my hair and makeup was. :)

Okay so the top is from Rue 21 it has lace detailing on the shoulders and back. It came with a skinny crocheted and leather dark brown belt(like a skinny version of the one i'm wearing) but I decided to wear this thicker belt instead. I have on a pair of brown leggins and a pair of heeled short slouchy boots, both are from Rue 21 too. My bag is a medium brown leather bag from Claire's. I curled my hair using conair curlers (the pink ones) , Treseme firm hold mousse, and Big Sexy hairspray. Sadly by the end of the day most of my curls had fallen and were either waves or pin straight again :/ if you have any tips or products that make your hair last all day please leave a comment below. On my eyes if have Urban Decay primer potion, then NYX jumbo eye pencil in cottage cheese. I used the naked palette for eye look. In  the inner corner I have sin, than sidecar all over the lid. I have buck in the crease with a darker matte brown from my Coastal Scents warm palette in my outer corner. I lined my eyes with MAC fluidline in Black track and Maybeline Line Stiletto over it. I curled my lashes and them applied Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! followed by the L'Oreal Extra Collagen Voluminous. On my cheeks I have Benefit's Coralista and on my lips I have a DIY lip tint make out of vaseline and an old blush. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and I'll probably do another outfit of the day tomorrow if I take a picture of what I'm wearing. I already picked it out and it's sooooo cute so I can't wait to share it with you guys! Comment below on how your first day of school went(whenever it was) or what your looking forward to the most in school if you havn't started school yet. Thanks guys!! xoxo Kayla

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things Mom's Don't Tell You About: Choosing Your Underwear

Hey guys, so this isn't to make anyone feel like awkward, or make anyone think I'm like a slut or anything. It's just going to be about how to choose your underwear according to whatever your wearing. Bras and panties. Okay, so yea I just hate it when  I can like see the pattern of a girl's bra through her shirt, or I see panty lines or someone's undies peekin' out above the belt. Cuz' even though some girl's may think it's attractive, it's not. It gives off the wrong impression and hey, that's not good, so let's get started.

Push Up bras- okay, everybody knows what a push-up bra is. If not, it's a bra with extra padding in the  cup so that your boobs look bigger. Generally push up bras are used when you want the extra oomf LMAO. But depending on the amount of padding, you can wear them for different things. Like for one, Victoria's Secret sells wear everywhere push up bras. They're meant to literally be worn everywhere and with anything. And like, don't think bad of people who wear  push up bras. Like, I wear them all the time, cause I'm small chested I mean, it's really not thst pig of a deal. I honestly think every girl needs at least one push up bra in their wardrobe just for special occasions.

Demi Bras/Shelf Bras- Okay, demi means half. And that's exactly what these kinds of bras are, they're only half of a cup. So pretty much they're a lot more revealing. These are definitely more for really really low cut tops and those nights with a special someone ;)

Multi-Way Bras- okay every girl needs one of these. End of discussion. lol just kidding, don't go out and buy one just cuz I say so. But they are a bonus to have. These are the bras that you can un-hook the straps from and wear them strapless, crisscrossed, one strapped, halter, low back, like pretty much anything you can think of. Generally you don't want to get these in like some fun pattern, first you need one in flesh toned, and then maybe black and white. Victoria's Secret has a great one called the Heartbreaker! Push-up plunge multi way. I have it and it works great! It comes with the two adjustable straps, a pair of leopard bikini straps so you can make it look like you have a bathing suit on, and a low back strap.

Wireless Bras- Wireless bras are good for beginners and to lounge in. I personally don't like them because I feel weird without the wire but a lot of people do like them. They're also very comfy to sleep in.

Sports bras- Okay sports bras is my one exception to bras with crazy patterns. They're super comfy and nice to lazy day in. But they do tend to make you look flat. You can buy padded ones and push-ups though.

Bikini Undies-These are the basics. The underwear every girl has been wearing since they were itty bittys. They're good for pretty much anything but sometimes they look leave panty lines.

Boyshorts- these are for the more conservative or sporty girl. They provide full coverage and you can get them in seamless and no show. I think every girl has these too, they're pretty basic.

Thongs- they're are a lot of opinions about thongs. In my opinion, they're just underwear. Thongs are definitely the pick if you don't want panty lines. I mean they're are some pieces of clothing that unless you do wear one, your going to have panty lines no matter what. Like bodycons, leggings, anything tight like that. They're are different types for different things so yeah. Don't be scared to buy them or ask for them, its just underwear. It's really no big deal.

Okayyy so that's it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed :) If you have any questions comment below or email me. My email is in one of my other posts from like a week ago. Thanks guys, love you! xoxo Kayla

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surviving Middle School (for girls)

Okay, so I'm going to be a freshman next week. So I've lived through middle school and I know how nervous I was when I first entered. My middle school is grades 6-8. For some people middle school is one of the worst experiences in their school life.  And I know my personal experiences were full of ups and downs  and lots of complications and tears. But there were also tons of smiles and laughs. So this this for all you girls out there about to enter middle school, or maybe your already in middle school, whichever it is, this is for you. 

  • Okay first, just be yourself. That's my best tip. Don't try and change yourself for anybody. You'll make it through middle school much better if you're just yourself.
  • Pick the right crowd- try to find people who are like you. Try to avoid people who like drama, it's just not safe. Don't try to get in with the 'cool crowd' because trust me, they probably aren't even that cool. Try to be friends with everyone, I know having friends from different 'cliques' helped a lot in middle school because we changed classes every hour. So we had different people in every class, so it was best to be friends with everybody instead of just certain people so that you won't be that awkward person without a partner on an assignment. 
  • Stay organized!!! My language arts teacher always drilled this into our heads: middle school is where the real work starts. Once your in highschool all the fun and games stop and you need to focus on keeping your grades up for your GPA. Middle school is the best place to start getting organized. The best way is to thing everything separated. Have a different binder for each subject, just go ahead and make things easy on yourself by getting good at organization in middle school.
  • Okay, so this is the time when everybody's body is Girls are getting more curvaceous, boys going through voice changes and lots of new hormones, also, girls are starting their periods. Now I know this might be awkward, but really you need to listen. This is a good time to start showering every day, if you don't already. You don't have to wash your hair every day but definitely shower. Get some deodorant, you'll probably start shaving so get a good razor and shaving cream, and get a nice face wash. You're hormones are going to be changing too, so make sure to take care of your skin so you don't have acne. 
  • If you start wearing makeup, which I did in 7th or 8th grade, keep it light and simple. Also, keep it cheap. When you're first getting into makeup, don't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. You don't know how your skin is going to react to the makeup so don't spend a ton on makeup you may not end up using. Also, don't use an insane amount of makeup. In my opinion, all you should need is some mascara, some eyeliner, maybe some eye shadow, and blush. Keep the colors natural and pretty. Don't go and wear bright purple eye shadow and blue eyeliner. It's going to look like you're trying to grow up to fast.
  • Okay so, I know, now that you're older, you wanna boyfriend. I didn't get my first boyfriend untill the end of seventh grade. I  think that was a good time, plus my parents allowed it. Talk to your parents about it. If they don't think you're ready, than don't push it. And don't get a boyfriend just because you think it's cool. And if I guy who you've barely ever talked to asks you out, say no. Pick someone who you have a friendship with, that way, when you break up you can just go back to being friends. Also (I had this problem with a few friends) don't go out looking for a future husband. Because guess what? You're probably not going to find him. When you're young, dating should be just to have fun. Not anything that's going to last forever. I mean yes, I had a relationship that lasted around six months, but it's not like I planned it. And the boys, they aren't looking for wives, they're looking for fun. Don't convince yourself that some boy is 'the one' or that you're 'in love' because you are too young to know what that kind of love is. And if a guy is telling you he loves you after two days of dating, don't get caught up in it, because it's not really love.
  • So now's here's a little bit of a more serious topic. Don't let anybody push you to do anything. Whether its sex,drugs, lying, cheating, whatever. I know at my middle school, drugs was something that wasn't unheard of. Lot's of kids did it, I had friends who did it. They'd get high, drunk, whatever. I've watched people tear apart their lives for stupid things. My parents always get onto me about drugs, and so I always answer the same thing. "Drugs make you ugly." And it's true, you know those meth commercials? They aren't kidding. Drugs will mess up your inside and outside. So just don't do it. Also, don't ever let some guy push you into doing something you're not ready to do. Don't ever let yourself get into a situation where your vulnerable, either. Stay in groups, going on dates alone is awkward anyways.
Okay so I think I covered everything :) If you have any questions or want to talk to me about anything you can leave a comment down below or email me. My email is in my last post called "Contact Me" creative right? Lol anyways I hope I helped everyone who's going into middle school. Some of the things I mentioned may not be an issue at your school, but this was all from my personal experience. love you guys! xoxo Kayla 

Contact Me :)

Hey there! So I just thought I'd do a really simple post   today. If you guys ever EVER need to talk to me about whatever you want, I thought I would give you some ways to do it :) If you ever have questions about me, for me, or need like advice about ANYTHING, I'm totally here and would love to hear from you. I'm really up to talk about anything! So here's everything :)

business email:




Thanks guys! Feel free to contact me whenever :) xoxo Kayla

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lookbook: School Style-Prep and Posh

Hey guys, so in this post I'm going to show you some ideas for school. I'll have other ones later but these are the outfits I have pictures of so far. These are all my personal style so they're a little more dressy and girly. This is the Prep and Posh segment of a series so their will be more and I promise I will have pants on in the next one, it just happened that all the pictures i took, i was in a skirt/dress and they were all really really girly.

So this is actually my favorite outfit of the five. Its just a bright floral body con dress from wetseal, a long sweater thing from khols, and a cream crocheted belt with a brown buckle that came with a dress that will be showed later. I think this outfit is perfect for the first day of school. It's actually ridden up a lot in this picture and usually falls to about mid-thigh so that the dress is like and inch or two longer than the sweater. For shoes I would wear my brown gladiator flats.

This is just a light pink layered, lace dress from Rue 21. The belt is the same one from before and it actually came with this dress. The jean jacket was my mom's and she gave it to me. It has cute studded detailing on the pockets and buttons. Honestly, I wish the jacket was just a little longer so that it reached the smallest part of my waist (where the belt it) and I wished it was dark wash instead of light. I wore this outfit with a pair of medium brown,short, slouch, heeled boots. 

Depending on your school you may have to wear a jacket over something like this. The tank top is from papaya but it was a while ago and the skirt is just a navy body con from wetseal. I got it for christmas but you can probably still find it on their website. This was a really basic out fit, only two pieces. I would probably wear it with a pair of grey or black flats. 

Okay so this is, I think, the least dressy out of all of them. The shirt is a grey and navy striped, 3/4 cuffed sleeved, shirt from abercrombie. I got it a while ago but I actually saw it a couple days ago when I was there. The skirt is the same navy body con. I would probably wear this with a pair of grey flats or sandals.

Okay, so I don't know what's up with the last wouldn't let me type next to it so...yeah anyways its just a hot pink lace shirt from Rue 21. I think they may still have them. The skirt is a ruffled cream and floral skirt with a black band also from Rue 21. Usually I wear a belt with it but I couldn't find it when I was taking the pictures. For shoes, I would probably wear black flats or my black glitter converse.

So that's it for today. I hope you guys enjoyyy. Please ignor my weird faces in the pictures, it was late and I wasn't up for fake smiles. Anyways good luck on your first day of school! ttyl! xoxo Kayla

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Beauty and Fashion Gurus

Hey guys! So last night I stayed up wayyy late watching videos on youtube and I was like, hey, I should make a post about my favorite youtube accounts! So that's what this is. I'll give the name, a link to their channel, and a brief description of what their channel is about and why I like it. Also, these are in no specific order, just whoever pops into my mind :) Love you guys! Hope you enjoy!

okay so first I found her through her makeup tutorials, which are fabulous by the way. She posts tons of videos and very often. She posts a large range of videos and has a blog also. I love how professional looking her videos are and just how great she is at what she does.

She was one of the first beuaty gurus I subscribed to. All her tutorials are beautiful and wearable, although not always affordable since she uses more expensive brands for the most part. Sometthe times though, she'll through in a look with drugstore products. She also does Outfit's of the Day's all time and her style is great!

Now, I'm sure most of you have heard of her. If not, you are seriously deprived as a youtuber. Jenna Marbles is the funniest girl on this planet. Like literally I think I could die laughing from her videos. Now, her channel is not for the weak hearted. She does cuss a lot and is kind of vulgar. But, her videos are hilarious, she's gorgeous, and her dogs are adorable. Also, she updates every Wednesday!

Klair DeLys is my go to for more artsy, theatrical, detailed makeup looks. She updates enough, it's not like everyday but I think like every week or so. She is very very creative so if your into the more theatrical makeup, she's perfect for you!

A lot of you have probably heard of her, she's definitely one of the more well known gurus. She is also one of the admins for MyGlam which is a thing you suscribe to and you get a bag every month full of little goodies (All beauty related) for 10$ a month and then you get discounts on the stuff in the bag and yeah, it's really cool. Anyways, her tips and tricks for beauty are genius. Actually quite a few of the tips I love by, come from watching her videos.

I recently discovered her account and I really do love her videos. Her name is Polina by the way. She does lot's of Outfit of the Day's and Outfit of the Week's. She's around my age so I feel I can relate to her a little better and she is really good about telling where she got her clothes from and how much they were. She posts quite frequently, which is great. She does talk fast, and sometimes she does sound congested. So please, if you go and watch her videos, don't start hating on her because she really is awesome at what she does.

So that's it for today. I was out shopping today for school so I'll be doing a haul pretty soon, I hope. Also, my mom has been having me put together outfits for school and then taking pictures of them, so I think I'm going to out them to good use and post them on here as a School Outfit Ideas thing. Leave a comment below and tell me who your favorite youtuber is :) I'd honestly love to know! Thanks guys, love you! xoxo Kayla

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Day Tips

Hey there! So I know a lot of you are going back into school soon, or are already in school so I thought I'd make this post to give you guys some tips about Picture Day. Mine is tomorrow and then I get back to school on the 13th. But yeah, I thought you guys would enjoy this :) so let's get started!

The Night Before
Okay, so for like any big event, you have to do some prep the nights and day before. Avoid eating anything salty, why? Salt makes you bloat. You don't want to look and feel gross the day of pictures because that will do nothing for you self confidence, or your smile. And if you do have something salty, try to drink the even amount or more of water to help flush all the salt out. Also, make sure to get lots of sleep. It really will help to get your sleep, I promise. 

Wash your hair the night before so that you have plenty of time to style it for picture day. Try to avoid getting any crazy haircuts or dye's right before picture day. This is not the time to experiment. Your hair needs to look natural and light, so don't use too much product or too many hair accessories. Sparkly hair pins tend to not show up well in pictures and may cause a glare if it's flash photography. 

Try to keep your makeup light and natural. Avoid using dewy-finish foundations or anything with high SPF because it may look oily. Keep shimmery eye shadows to a minimum but putting them only in the inner corners of your eyes, that way they'll catch the light but not so much that you look like a light bulb. Use matte /neutral eye shadows to define and contour your eyes. Use black or brown eyeliner to thicken up your lash line, avoid colored eyeliners, they might not show up well in the pictures. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes and make you look awake and happy. Use falsies if needed to really make your eyes pop, I recommend the individuals because they look much more natural. Use a black mascara to really make your eyelashes dark and lush. Try to limit what you put on your lips. Only a little bit of gloss or a sheer color so it looks natural. If you want to add some color to your face, use a cream blush and dab it on the apples of your cheeks. Lightly contour your face with a big fluffy brush so that the flash doesn't totally flatten your face. If you have light eyebrows, lightly define them so they aren't totally invisible. Remember to bring your lash curler and powder with you for last minute touch ups. Remember, you'll be looking back at these pictures for years to come, so keep your makeup timeless and light so you don't regret it.

What to wear?!
I highly suggest picking your outfit the night before. Pick something comfortable, so that you're not fidgeting the whole time. Probably only your top half is going to be in the picture, so there's no need to break out you frilliest mini skirt. Keep what your wearing in solid colors, or really simple patterns. Sometimes in the pictures, patterns may come off blurry or as totally different colors so be careful. Avoid wearing white because it generally doesn't turn out well in the pictures and may make you look bigger than you are. Shoes simple, basic, TIMELESS styles. Nothing too trendy or daring, you don't want to look back ten years from now and wonder what you were thinking that day. Chose simple jewelry that brings out your features instead of covering or distracting from them. 

Remember to consider everything when your getting ready for picture day. Be confident and happy. When they're taking the picture, be sure to really really smile. Not that stupid fake smile we all no how to do ;) think of something happy or funny to put that little twinkle in your eyes. Good luck! 

Haul: Papaya, Abercrombie, and Payless

Hey  guys, sorry I've been super busy with getting ready for school and other stuff so yea. Also, my friend had her quince and it was gorgeous so this is a shout out to her! Love you, babe!  So yea, let's get started with this haul :) I promise there will be more to come later. Also, tell me if you guys like me doing videos. This lighting was kind of weird in this one, and my  hair was a mess. But I'll definitely do more if that's what you guys wanna see :)

Also, I'm probably not going to be able to post the pictures of the clothes. I just don't have enough time.I'm going to be really busy until school starts so if I do have time, I will, but like don't expect it because it most likely won't happen. Thanks guys! Also, today I will be posting a Picture Day Tips post so keep an eye out for that :) It'll probably be up a little while after this.