Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey guys!
     So, this past weekend, I spent the entire weekend with my friend E. (nope you don't get her full name ) Now me and E have been very very very close since I was in second grade. So a very long time :) and when I spend weekends with her (friday night to saturday night) I always have so much fun, even though I can't understand a word her family says. Why? Because they all speak spanish! I understand a little bit, but not nearly enough to have a full on conversation in spanish :/  anyways so her Qincenera is coming up and amazingly I'm a Damas, excuse me if I spell it wrong.
      Anyways, what this has to do with beauty is: it's amazing how every culture has their own way of doing things, and what they think is beautiful. Most Hispanic girls aren't allowed to wear makeup until they're 15, after their Qunice. In Africa people stretch holes in their earlobes the size of your head. Nudists don't wear clothes, because they think that is beautiful. And they greatest part is, that's ok!!! Because depending on your beliefs and the way you were raised, everybody is going to see beauty differently. I didn't start wearing makeup untill I was 13, believe it or not. And I'm only 14 now. And I started off slowly, wearing mascara to my football games and parties, then wearing a little bit of brown eyeliner, then slowly I progressed untill I reached where I am now, in love with makeup and beauty :)
    So guys, always remember, you are beautiful no matter what you wear or how much makeup you put on. No matter what anybody says, you are gorgeous in your own way :)

love you guys!

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 
― Marilyn MonroeMarilyn

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