Saturday, September 15, 2012


okay so I know it's been a while since i posted and i have a totally valid reason!!!

okay so like two or three weeks ago, i went to my friend's, brother's birthday party and i took my ipod. I put it in her room to charge since everybody was outside in the back yard. and that night when we came in i couldnt find it and i just assumed i misplaced it and went to bed. wwe looked for it all day the next day and couldn't find it. So...ya my ipod was stolen :( sucks right? And as some of you know, i use my ipod as my camera. and since i havn't had a camera, i havnt been able to take ANY pictures :( so all of my posts i planned with pictures were canceled becuz i can't take them. alsooooo, i don't know if any of you other bloggers have this problem, but when i'm on google chrome, my dashboard doesn't load all the way, it won't show me my pageviews and stuff, and it won't load the edit page to write posts. so yeah that's been another problem. ALSO i am so swamped from school :( like seriously its ridiculous. but anyways on the bright side, i should be posting sometime soon, no pictures sadly :( but i'll try tp keep posting.

xoxo kayla :)

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