Thursday, September 27, 2012

Makeup Do's and Dont's for School

Hey girls! So today I wanted to talk to you about some do's and don't for school makeup. Typically, you want to keep your makeup for school pretty neutral but there are always fun ways to spice it up! Also, you never want to over do your makeup. Anyways lets get started!!

Do: plan out your makeup routine the night before. I know I alternate between my makeup looks so usually I plan what I'm going to do and set out the products I'm going to use the night before so I'm not rushing in the morning,

Don't:  match your makeup to your clothes. Doing this will make you look like a total newbie in makeup. The farthest you should go in matching is if your wearing cool/black/grey tones where a smoky eye with black/grey/cool colors and if your wearing browns/warms wear a brown/gold/warm eye. Matching your clothes to your eyeshadows sometimes will look really childish. Your makeup should bring out your facial features not emphasize your clothing choices.

Do: make sure to get a lot of sleep. Makeup will always look prettier on a face that's bright, rested, and full of energy.

Don't: cake on layers and layers of makeup for school. Under the school lights, it's really obvious when a girl has a ton of makeup on. And you want your makeup to stay looking nice all day, so keeping it light and natural will look a lot prettier than it being caked on. Like for me, the only face makeup I wear to school is powder and concealer or blush when needed.

Do: pick one facial feature to focus on. School is not the place to wear a dark dramatic smoky eye and a bright lip. If you ar emore dramatic or outgoing with your makeup, pick one day to do a bright lip and a down-stated eye and another day to do a dark smoky eye and a nude lip.

Don't: try and hide your makeup from your parents. I know girls who their parents only let them wear makeup on special occasions, and so they sneak their makeup to school put it on and then take it off before they get home. It's just not worth it, instead try talking to your parents and asking them to consider the idea of letting you wear makeup to school. It's a much better idea than sneaking behind their backs because than, when you're caught, your parents will never trust you and they probably won't ever let you wear makeup again.

Thanks for reading guys!! Comment some of your do's or don'ts for school makeup! Or even just makeup in general! xoxo Kayla

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