Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Haul: Walmart, Sally's Beauty, Walgreens, Ebay

Hello my beauties!! So I've been shopping like every day for the past week which is why I'm just now putting this up :) So yea I went to these few places just to pic up a few things :) I also went to the mall and got clothes so that haul should be up soon too. The December and 2012 Favorites should be up sometime next week, sorry I'm super busy when I get back this weekend I'm dyeing my hair then going to visit my boyfriend in the hospital and having a sleepover with some girlfriends. So yea I hope you guys all had a great and gorgeous New Year and let's get started!!

 So these are the things I got from Walamart. Sorry but the pictures got like crazily mixed up so they're in no order what so ever and I tried to fix it and it really didn't work. So yea...

 This is the NYC Color Wheel Color Mosaic Face Powder. I was looking for just a matte bronzer and I saw this and just picked it up. When I got home I swatched it on my finger and I liked the color. But when I tried to put it on my face, the pigmentation wasn't that great and it was really hard to blend out. I probably won't be using this much, good thing it was only like 4$.
 So I got a Revlon Lipstick and the color was in Smoked Peach. Sorry the picture is upside down. Its matte and very creamy. The color is a nice pinky coral color and I can see myself using it more in the spring and summer when I'm a little tanner.

 So there's a swatch of the Revlon lipstick.
 I read some good reviews on this so I decided to pick it up. It's the Suave Professionals dry shampoo and I really like it. It was around 3 or 4$, makes my hair look nice and non-greasy, gives a little bit of volume, and smells fabulous!

This is the stuff I got from Sally's Beauty and Walgreens.  Most of it is stuff to dye my hair. I'm doing the bottom half of my hair pink. I'm sooooo excited and I'll be sure to post pictures of the process and the finished look.

This is the bleach the worker there gave to me. She said it would work better and quicker on my hair since its so dark. It's a powder bleach and you mix it with developer. I hope it works well cuz I have to get my hair to a pale yellow blonde before I can dye it pink.

This is a demi developer. The lady said to mix it with the dye to get a better workable consistency(you could also use conditioner) and then apply the dye. She said it will make the color turn out better and last longer.
 This is a 20 Volume Developer. Pretty much you mix this with the bleach to get it to work and it will help lighten your hair.
 This is the box the hair dye came in. It's an Ion Color Brilliance Brights in the color magenta. Its a semi-permanent dye so I'll probably have to re-dye it every 3 or so weeks.
 This is just the tube the dye comes in. I squeezed a little bit out and the consistency is really weird. Like an almost jelly consistency but more solid than that even. I don't know its just odd.
I got this from Walgreen's it was 3$.  Its a Wet N' Wild blush in the color Heather Silk which is a really pretty matte bright berry pink color.
 Just a swatch. I wore it today also on my cheeks and its very bright but very pretty. When i first put it on, I actually used a little too much and I had clown cheeks but I fixed it, so be light-handed with this.
 This is a Wet N' Wild mega liner in the color black. I used it today over the liner I already had on and I like it. I also did a little line on my hand and it hasn't come off yet even though its been on for hours. Its really black and opaque which makes me happy.

And lastly I picked up some Pamprin. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it. It works really well hahaha.

I got this from Ebay. It's just a phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S1. Here's the link if you're interested:

So that's it for today! I'll try to have more up by the end of the week or next week when I get back. So yea comment down below! Love you guys! xoxo Kayla

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