Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's In My Travel Bag?

Heyyyy! So currently I am in Myrtle. So I decided to do a "What's in my travel bag?" since I know I love reading and watching them sooo yeaaa :) Anyways, this is just what I brought with me. Later tonight I'll be uploading a mini haul. And probably a December favorites. And when I get back I'll do a Favorites of 2012. It will be a little late probably on the 6th or 7th just cuz I get back on the 5th I think and I won't have all my makeup to show you guys unless I dig up some old pictures of my favorite stuff :) Either way, the 2012 Favorites will be up either tonight, within the next week, or at the latest by the 7th. Also, my birthday is in two weeks on the 12th and I'm so excited! Hah, I just wanted to share that with someone soooo yeaaa let's get started.

okay, so this is my travel bag. I got it as a gift for cheer and yea it's just a train case with my initials and my school colors. I use it for just more than makeup so ,like, it's not to big.

So this is it open and I took out my little makeup bag with all my brushes just so you could see the stuff. On the top flap, there are little slots that look like they're for makeup brushes but all of my brushes are too long. So I have q-tips, my tooth brush and my tweezers there. In the little pocket next to that I have some pads just in case. The little bag was one I got from Ipsy in a Glam Bag btw.

So I brought both Naked palettes with me. I thought they would be great for traveling and had the perfect mix of warm and cool colors.

So here I have all of my like primer/base kinda stuff. From left to right: depotted NYX jumbo pencil in milk(top), Mac Painterly paintpot (bottom), Urban Decay All Nighter spray (travel sized), under that- Urban Decay Primer Potion, Ahava moisturizer(without spf), Juice Beauty Green Apple moisturizer(with spf), Tarte cheek stain in Flawless. 
Brushes from left to right: Retractable kabuki, brow/lash brush and comb, Soho brush from one of the Ipsy bags, a sponge applicator thingy from Ulta, Mac 217, Elf eyeshadow "c" brush, Elf eyelienr brush, Urban Decay brush that came with Naked 2.

Some brushes that weren't in the little bag(dont know why): Soho pencil brush, Elf Studio powder brush

My two Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils in Zero(top) and Perversion (bottom), and my Maybelline line stiletto. I use either Zero or Perversion in my tightline and then the Maybelline in a really thin line close to my lashes only on top. Putting eyeliner on your tightline will make your eyelashes look really full :)

Benifit's They're Real mascara and Urban Decay's Lush Lash mascara. I'll be doing reviews on these soon and maybe (MAYBE) a mascara routine.

My Lush It's Raining Men shower gel in the smallest bottle. This stuff smells like vanilla, and caramel, and yumminess

Okay so for some reason Blogger messed this pic up....anyways on the bottom is my Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in 320 Honey Beige. Above that is my Revlon Colorstay foundation in 320 True Beige. weird how they're the same number and almost the same name right?? Totally didn't plan that. Also does anyone have any tips for applying that foundation? I find sometimes I either end up wearing too much o not enough and ugh I really don't want to give up hopes on it cuz so many people like it and I really wanna like it. Anyways above that it my Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic palette which is great and I totally reccomend.

So yea I hope you guys enjoyed!! Please comment down below and leave a link to your "What's in My Travel Bag?" and yeaaa love you guys! Happy New Years!! I should have another post up either tonight or tomorrow so yeaa :) xoxo Kayla

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