Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Beauty Lover

Hey guys so I was thinking since it's getting closer to the holidays, some of you might want some help on gift ideas for your friends or family. This is probably going to be specifically aimed at teenage girls, moms, and grandmoms. So let's get started!

  • Lush Gift Sets- They have two types: wrapped and knot wraps. The wrapped are exactly what you'd think them to be, they're in boxes and wrapped in cute and festive wrapping paper. The wrapped gifts range from 10$ to 230$, I guarantee you can find something for that special person. The knot wraps are good for someone on a budget, they range from 5-10$ and are wrapped in these adorable little scarves. Very good for stocking stuffers :)
  • Brush Sets- no girl can ever have too many makeup brushes. There are many companies that make good quality and reasonably priced brush kits.  Mac has a few out this season, Coastal Scents has a few, Eco Tools, and of course Sigma has theirs.
  • Perfume- now I know I love getting perfume as a gift. Or pretty much anything that smells good. So either go to your local Macy's and pick up a nice scent you know she's be pining after, or go to Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body works and get some body sprays or lotions. 
  • Storage- every girl needs a good way to keep their beauty products organized. So pick up some cute makeup bags or some plastic storage shelves.
  • Makeup Kits or Palettes- every makeup brand has some sort of holiday gift set or palette. Benefit has tons of great quality makeup kits that are worth checking out :) and a great classic is either one of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. 
And of course you could always ask what they want! But these are just some ideas for ideas. If you want more ideas, get onto Pinterest. They have tons and tons of gift ideas! Hope you guys enjoyed :) xoxo Kayla

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