Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secrets to Getting Long Sexy Plush Lashes

Hey guys so lately I've been watching a lot of mascara routines and reading a lot about how to get mega huge and long lashes and I decided to make a post of tips from all of those and a few tips of my own that I use :)

  • Layer your mascaras- okay so you've probably heard this before, but it really does work!! Forget about trying to find one mascara that lengthens and one the volumizes. Just get the best lengthening mascara and the best volumizing and voila, huge lashes! And plus, you'll get extra volume from the combination of products.
  • Curl your lashes before AND AFTER you put on mascara. This will ensure that you lashes are as flirty and fluttery as possible. And make sure when you're curling them to get as close to the base of your lashes for the ultimate most natural looking curl.
  • Apply a little bit of baby powder to your lashes in between coats of mascara. You can use a q-tip, finger or brush, just dip it in some baby powder, tap off the excess, and apply to your lashes while they're still wet or tacky. Focus the baby powder at the ends of your eyelashes to make them look longer. This is also a great way to make sure your coating your entire lash with mascara since wherever you miss will be white. LOL
  • Comb out your eyelashes. I know this sounds weird, but after you curl your lashes, take a little lash comb and well comb them out! This will help separate every lash for optimum mascara application (oo big words) and it will stimulate the hair follicle and make your eyelashes grow.
  • Blink down on your mascara wand while your apply mascara. Now this will take some getting used to, cuz it feel really really weird at first. But doing this will force your eyelashes to be combed out and will put the most product on them.
  • Put mascara on the back of your lashes. This will take some getting used to also. And you'll have to be careful so you don't end up with mascara all over your eyelid. But in the end, it will catch any eyelashes that are out of place in the back and make them look humongous because the lashes will be fully and totally coated.
  • At night, apply vaseline to your eyelashes. This will lock in moisture, strengthen and protect your eyelashes. You can also try olive oil or vitamin E oil.
  • Wiggle the mascara wand left to right as you're apply mascara. It will separate the mashes and make sure every one gets coated.
  • Use a lash serum! This will definitely make your lashes grow! I've heard lots of good things about the one by Rimmel so go check it out :)
  • If you're really unhappy with the look of your lashes, talk to your doctor about maybe getting eyelash extensions or a prescription level eyelash serum. 
  • Bonus!! To make taking off mascara easier, even waterproof, take your makeup remover wipe or tissue with your makeup remover on it and fold it in a rectangle big enough that it will cover your entire eye. Make sure the whole thing is damp with makeup remover or if it's the wipe just leave it be. Simply take it and hold it over your eye pressing gently over your eyelashes and hold it there for 30 seconds to a minute. Then, still applying a bit of pressure, wipe straight down. Most of your mascara should be off from your eyelashes soaking in the remover. Do this multiple times until all of your mascara and eye makeup is off. This is a much gentler way of removing mascara without tearing out your eyelashes :) And i promise it works!
Hope you guys enjoyed!! Love you! Don't forget to comment below! Whats the most important part of your mascara routine? Anything you do that's out of the ordinary? Tell me! xoxo Kayla

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