Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Tip for Brown Eyed Babes!!

Okay so I was doing my makeup today and I had a huge revelation. You know how most fall makeup is like more neutral colors and it doesn't really do anything (AT ALL) for brown eyes? Well recently I relocated a product that I used to use quite often and had stopped. My teal eyeliner. And I know you guys are probably like Kayla, wtf but I swear there's a point to this. So I did my makeup neutral and fall-ish like every other day, but when I went to line my eyes, I took a liquid liner and winged out my eyeliner just a bit on the top and then took my teal eyeliner, and put that on my lower lash line. And voila!! A gorgeous, still fall themed, way to make brown eyes pop! Like seriously it looked sooooo pretty, like at the end of the day I was really sad to take it off. So yea that's my random tip for fall makeup on brown eyes :) Another great color if you don't want to go as bold as teal is a nice navy blue, indigo, or plum. These are all great fall colors that will contrast with your baby browns and make them stand out. Then just add some mascara(or a lot...) and your all good!

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