Monday, April 2, 2012

Do You Hear the Bells?! Part 2:Finding the Perfect Dress

Hello again!

So in this part (is that the right word) I'm going to tell you girls how to find the perfect Prom/Formal dress for your body and personality.

Overall Tips For Finding a Perfect Dress

  • you may want to try going to a store and making an appointment. This will guarantee that you'll have someone else other than your mom and your buds to give you an honest and professional opinion on what you will look best in. 
  • Make sure if you do go to an appointment, you wear whatever undergarments you're intending to wear that night so that you can make sure it fits perfectly and is hidden. Do the same if you plan on matching a dress to a pair of shoes.
  • If you have a budget for prom, then this is the place to focus it. You can always borrow a pair of pumps or wear makeup you already own. But finding a dress you love and not being able to afford it is a heart-breaker and will ruin the experience.
  • Have fun when you go out to find a dress! Make sure you feel happy that day so you can use the shopping trip to its full potential. Blast some girl power songs, wear some easy-to-get-out-of clothes. And (based on expierience) don't even think about going shopping when you're in your period. Just trust me in that.
For My Ruler Shaped Girls
  • Try finding dresses that will give your body the illusion of curves. Here are some examples.
Buy Strapless Ivory Formal Dress at PromGirl Now, I truly love this dress. Why? It will give anyone a great figure! The sweetheart neck and the belted waist give the illusion that your waist is smaller than your bust and hips. And also because of the sweetheart, your eyes are immediately drawn to the waist. And also, because of the extra fabric on the hips, it looks like one HAS hips! Dresses like these are gorgeous and will give anyone the curves they long for. 

Pretty Petites
  • If your short (like myself) Or shopping for a semi-formal (also like me) Try someting short to elongate what height you do have.
Buy Short One Shoulder Mac Duggal Dress at PromGirl Pair the short dress with a pair of killer pumps, that'll make your legs appear to go on for miles. Have fun with the dress you wear! Just because your short, doesn't mean you can't stand out!

  • So if you're like me, and shopping for an 8th grade dance or 9th grade prom, or your just not feeling the whole "long dress" thing. Try something simple and short. 
 See this is my dream formal dress. Like, literally, I've been drooling over this dress for the last week. This is a great way to make a statement without looking like you've aged two years. Being at a younger age, you probably don't have as many curves as some of those older girls, so try to find something that will accent what curves you do have. A belted waist will pull in your center, a poufy skirt with give you hips and butt, and a good ole' push up bra never hurts ;)

Hour Glass
  • oh you lucky lucky girls! Haha you have what everyone wants! So why not show it off? Can you here the sexy, low back, tight, mermaid dresses calling your name? I do!
Buy Grey Strapless Jovani Prom Dress at PromGirl If you've got it flaunt it. That's all I can say!  really love this dress, lol. I really do! Mermaid gowns are sleek sexy and they look good on practically anyone! Whether your hourglass is extra curvy or it's minor, mermaid gowns will definitely show off what you have a bring it out.

Sexy Not Slutty--Get it Right
Every girl want to look sexy for prom, whether to impress your date or just cuz. There is a way to be totally sexy without breaking the rules and looking like a....well you know. 
Buy Elegant Low Back Floor Length Gown by Sherri Hill at PromGirl Having a dress with an open back is a great way to be sexy without showing too much. This dress is great because its balanced out with the high neckline and length. This would work great for girls who're scared to show more skin, but want to get some attention.
Buy One Shoulder Side Cut Out Chain Detailed Dress at PromGirl Cut-outs is also another way to show some skin in a fun way. This style of dresses are super sexy, but they still leave a lot to the imagination. 
Buy Lace Up Strapless Sweetheart Formal Dress at PromGirl And for my girls who are a little more conservative but have great legs, the slit!!  This is a great way to add some subtle sexiness into any dress.  And even better, if you're wearing a pair of statement heels, they'll have fun playing peekaboo in a dress like this. 

Outgoing Beauts
Of course I know there are those outgoing, spontaneous, slightly crazy girls out there who want to make a dramatic statement and take a risk.
JZ-4564 I really really love this dress. And whoever wears this will make a statement. Not only are there cut outs, rhinestones, ruffles, and high-lows, the entire back is open. With the same sparkly cut-out style of the front. This dress is the epitome of glamour. Any girl who rocks this will have the attention or everyone in the room. :)

Well I hope you guys liked the second installment of my Can You Hear the Bells.  I really had a lot of fun writing this! In the comment section below, tell me what kind of prom girl are you? An outgoing beaut? A pretty petite? Tell me! And tell me what your dream prom dress looks like! Thanks girlies! xoxo Kayla


  1. I love the dress with the slit! So sexy. Found you through beautylish. New follower!

  2. thanks soooo much! and ikr! lol its when I see stuff like that, that i kinda wish i could be 16 for one night, wear it, and than be 14 again lmao