Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TAG!! 10 Little Secrets

Hey again!

So, I'm not completely finished with the next part of "Do You Here the Bells?!" And it probably won't be up until next weeks because this week I'm slumped with cheer tryouts (wish me luck!), review for the CRCT (last one!!!!!), a new puppy, and just overall drama. But hey! Whatevs!! So, for now I'm going to do a quick post, which is this one, and it's the 10 Little Secrets Tag. I think its super cute and in the comments below (for the daily question) please pick one or two questions and answer them for yourselves, I'd love to here what you have to say!

1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?

  • I think my mascara definitely. Like when I know my eyes look bright and standout I feel like a million bucks.
2. What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip

  • Well my skincare routine is actually pretty long....so I'll just do another post about that but pretty much I just put a little extra effort into making sure I take the best care of my skin and make sure to do it everyday even when I really really don't want to.
3. Share your hair care secret?

  • Well contrary to all of my pictures, I have really really curly hair. Its long 1cm little spirals and they frizz soooo easily. So, what I do, is I take a shower every morning, wash my hair every three days, and in my showers I leave the conditioner in. ALL DAY. So my curls stay unfrizzy, smooth, separated and shiny. I use Pantene's Moisture Renewal in the Curly formula. It works really well for me and I would recommend it to anyone.
4. What is your biggest diet rule?

  • Everything in moderation. Sugars, fruits, veggies, red meat, white meat; Everything.
5. Any workout tips? 

  • Well for girls, don't workout to increase muscle. Workout to decrease fat. Like in your stomach, don't workout your ab muscles a lot and think that all your belly fat will go away. Because it won't. The larger the muscle under the fat gets, the farther it pushes that fat out. So focus on burning fat before working your muscles. Plus it will be a lot easier with all the weight from fat off.
6. Which perfume is your secret weapon?

  • Defiantly my Couture Couture by Juicy. I just love it soooo much, though sadly, I just ran out and I havn't been about to buy anymore. So I've been using Victoria's Secret's Black Noir and Rue 21's new one, i don't know the name lol, but yeah its the one in the pink round bottle and comes in the sparkly silver box. It smells great!!
7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads

  • Okay, so not to sound like conceited or braggy or anything cuz that's totally not my intention, but I have a really nice bum. And so, when I wear body con skirts, I turn a lot of heads. Granted most are guys, but its still heads.
8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
Well I have this necklace that I practically never take off. Its a silver chain with a moonstone pendant set in silver. I got it a couple years ago from St. Augustine in Florida and I've worn it everyday since. One time I thought I lost it and I totally like broke down. Like sobbing and everything, and my parents were like "wtf? its just a necklace. chill." lol
9. Who is your style crush?

  • Honestly, I don't have one. Like I never really pay attention to any celebrities and what the wear except for like award shows, so I don't really pay attention to how they dress. 
10. Tell us something we don't know about you

  • Well, I'm really into modeling. Like I am obsessed with America's Next Top Model and I really wish I could model. I'm trying to start but since i'm 14 and only 5'3 (barley) I can only be a commercial model and not fashion because I'm too short. :'( And commercial modeling isn't something I am as interested in so....yea lol :)
That's it for today!! Please please comment I really want to here your thoughts! Thanks! xoxo Kayla

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