Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nail of the Day

So this is the nail of the day! I actually did this a couple days ago but it still looks great. The base color is China Glaze-Beauty and the Beach which is a gorgeous almost metallic-y bright blue. On top of that, even though I know you can't tell in the lighting, is China Glaze-Watermelon Rind. Which you can have by itself where its buildable or you can use a thin coat to add a nice blue glitter. Watermelon rind is is a pretty, pretty dark blue-green glitter nail polish. When you look closely, there's green, teal, light blue, silver, and dark blue-green glitter in it. Either of them look great on their own or even better paired together. :)

So, tell me: What's your favorite nail polish? Brand? Color? Give me all the deets :)

Love, Kayla <3