Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The DL on DIY's

Hey girls so I've found a new obsession!

DIYS, like I think i'm in love. So I spend my entire day, every day, at home watching my kid brother. I typically don't have anything to do. That was,  until I found a huge mother load of DIY projects and blogs. I love them. So far I've totally redone three old t-shirts, made some room decor, decorated my keys and headphones, and I have a long list of other projects to do to keep me entertained all summer. My favorite place to find projects is Pinterest and another blog called P.S.- I made this... it's such a cute little blog. She posts a picture of her inspiration and then gives you all the instructions on how to make it and its full of pictures so you can see exactly what to do. 


So what do you guys think of DIY's? Are you obbsessed with them too? Leave a link below to your favorite spot to get diys from!! xoxo Kayla

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