Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Cover up from Old Tshirt

Hey again!

So last week I made this cute little cover up out of an old big pink t shirt.  
Isn't it super adorbs? But anyways I thought I should share where I learned how to do it and the little touches I added to make it more....well sparkly!
That's where I learned how to do it, the steps are super easy to understand and follow. The only things I did differently from the directions on there were that I cut out the bottom triangle and the whole neckline and the little strip at the back. But since that made the shirt completely fall off on top, I sewed a piece of scrapped ribbon I had leftover from some other project I did. Honestly, I think I looks way cuter with the ribbon since its silver and glittery and you could add whatever color/type of ribbon you wanted. In the picture it's kind of messed up, but the shirt actually falls off shoulder, but not so much that its's falling off. So yea, I thought it turned out super cute and I hope you guys think so too!
xoxo Kayla 

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