Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

Hey guys, so today I have a review for you on the L'Oreal voluminous extra-volume collagen mascara. This is not my first purchase from the L'Oreal Voluminous line so I was super excited to try it out. This review is going to be of my first impression since I got it and tried it today, so if after a few more uses my mind changes at all, I will re-review it. I got the waterproof formula in black. So let's get started with the review!

I curled my lashes before both pictures so you guys could see my lashes  as well as possible :)

For the after picture, I added white eye shadow to my lids to make the black stand out more so you guys could see it better :)


 around 7 or 8$ at Publix


Cute, sleek and chic. All black and says L'Oreal on the side. Very simple and sophisticated. Its not to big, not to small, and it seems like it holds a good amount of product. Its .34 FL/ 10 ML. It's easy to open and makes a little click when it's closed all the way, which is really handy for me because I've wasted dozens of products because I didn't close them all the way. The wand is very good for getting into the inner and outer corners, and the little bristles are plastic(I think) and are firm but flimsy, like there's some stiffness but if I like rub the wand on my hand or the side of the bottle they bend.  I give the packaging a 5/5.


It goes on smoothly. The formula is kind of thick-ish but not heavy at all and is definitely a dark, true black. I didn't have any problems with clumps or flaking and it dried relatively fast. It smells like like most mascaras, kind of synthetic but not a bad smell? 


It makes my eyelashes look thicker, longer, and fuller so it's true to its name. It goes on smoothly with no clumps or flaking and it drys quickly. It also holds a curl well and doesn't weigh my lashes down.


I typically go through the L'Oreal mascara quicker than other brands....I don't know why, so it will be interesting to see if this product lasts longer or if i find myself needing to re-buy within a month or so. 

Will I rep-purchase?

From my first impression I would definitely re-buy this product :) I give it a 5/5 

So I hope you guys enjoyed this review :) It was my first one so tell me what you thought and if you'd like to see more of them. It was kind of weird seeing a picture of my eye up that close but ya' know whatever! Comment down below and tell me, have you ever tried this mascara? Did you like it? xoxo Kayla

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