Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag?!

Hey there my lovely ladies,

Tonight, I'm going to tell you girls (or guys) about what I think the essentials are when packing your beach/pool bag. Having a bag packed is essential for the summer. I keep mine packed and sitting next to my door so I can just grab it and go whenever I'm rushing to the pool or lake. (Sadly, no beaches near me) Anyways I thought this would go perfectly with the season since (for me) summer has just started. Be expecting a couple more posts like this with a summery theme. And remember you can always request posts too!

  1. Sunblock- 2 types! One for your body and one for your face. The one for your face should be a cream and it should have a higher SPF than the one for your body. Nobody wants sunburn on their face, thats not fun. Also for your face, look for a dry touch or matte finish sunblock so you don't look greasy or oily. For your body, I recommend something that sprays on just so that you don't have to spend all your time at the beach rubbing lotion in :)
  2. Sunglasses- protect your pretty peepers with a stylish pair of shades. You don't want to be talking to some adorable lifeguard with your face all scrunched up 'cause you can't see.
  3. A little makeup bag- Okay, this little makeup bag will be to hold your more fragile, important, or private things. Just so that they're all secure in one place and you can take just the little bag out and put it somewhere else instead of tearing apart your bag looking for little things. Inside  this little bag should be: chapstick with SPF, waterproof mascara, some loose cash and change,a few hair ties and bobbi pins, a couple pieces of gum or some kind of mint/candy (maybe you got some salt water or chlorine water in your mouth? ew!), tampons (we always need to be prepared), and your ipod/phone.
  4. A towel or two- I only say two so you can have one to put on the sand and  one to actually dry off with. But if your just going to the pool, than you really only need one.
  5. A Good Book- Sometimes if your just chillin' or tanning, a good book would be a good distraction. I know I love reading on the beach, in the sun and all. Plus, for us sad girls who don't get to be in the poool during adult swim, reading is a good way to relax for a couple minutes. Now, this isn't the time to bring your school required reading book, bring something you'll enjoy and can relate to. :)
  6. A wide-toothed comb- When you get out of the water, a wide-toothed comb is the better choice because it will be much more gentle to your hair and keep the knots out.
Ok so I'm pretty sure that's it :) If there's anything I left out that you feel is essential to your beach bag than leave a comment below.  Love you guys! xoxo Kayla

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