Monday, June 11, 2012

Manicure of the Day

Hey girlies,

So for today, I have a Mani of the Day :) Its really cute and chic. The pinkish corally color is by Jesse's Girl, I got it at walgreens and I can't find a name for it :/ so if someone knows the name of the color that would be great because I really love the color and will probably by using it in other MOTDs. The gold color is All About You by Sinful Colors. Its just a gold glitter, I can also see some light gold and red glitter in it but its mostly just a really pretty gold glitter.

So that was it for today :) There will probably be a few more posts later today, so look for those. I hope you guys liked this :) Request in the comments if there are any specific manicures you want me to do, I'd love the challenge. Thanks guys! xoxo Kayla

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