Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 5 Mascaras

Heyo girls!

So for today, I'm going to tell you guys about my top 5 favorite mascaras. Now I'm the kind of person who when I find a product I like, I keep buying it. So all of these I've used a lot and re-bought a lot. Anyways let's get started. 

5. CoverGirl- Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara: Well first the name is a mouthfull. This was the first mascara I ever used. And I definitely recommend it to beginners or younger girls. It's not the best mascara, but it's not horrible. It is definitely waterproof which is good and it comes off pretty easily. All in all it's good but not the best, yet it would be great for someone who's never used makeup before or just starting to wear it.

4. CoverGirl- Lash Blast Volume: I really like this mascara, it totally gives me the volume it advertises. I generally don't wear it alone, I like to layer it with something that's lengthening. But overall its a really great mascara and I would recommend it to anyone who has length and wants volume.

3. CoverGirl- Lash Blast Fusion: Can you tell I like CoverGirl? :) Anyways, when I first bought this I used it up quickly, why? Because I used it every single day. I am currently on my 4th bottle. I really loved how this made my eyelashes look. I use it more for when I'm going for a natural-er look and sometimes I'll layer it with others for a more dramatic look. I would totally recommend this to anybody.

2. L'Oreal-Voluminous Million Lashes: I love this mascara, I literally use it every day. Not only do I love the packaging, the brush and formula do exactly what the mascara advertises. I'm on my second tube, and when I run out I'm definitely repurchasing.

1. Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes!: I don't think I could live without this mascara. This is my go to mascara, whether I'm not wearing makeup that day (which we all know means I'm wearing nothing but mascara and a little powder) or a friend is asking for a good mascara. I don't really like the price, 18$ I think, but other that that I love it! It makes my lashes look long, full, and dark. Which is exactly what I want in a mascara. Plus, the packaging is soooo adorable! Also, its all natural, so I don't have to worry about it killing off my lashes. I haven't tried the waterproof formula yet, but I definitely plan on it since I'll be spending a LOT of time underwater this summer :)

So I hope you guys liked this post, I know I had a bunch of fun writing it. Tell me, what's your all time favorite mascara? Thanks loves! 

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