Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Beauty and Fashion Gurus

Hey guys! So last night I stayed up wayyy late watching videos on youtube and I was like, hey, I should make a post about my favorite youtube accounts! So that's what this is. I'll give the name, a link to their channel, and a brief description of what their channel is about and why I like it. Also, these are in no specific order, just whoever pops into my mind :) Love you guys! Hope you enjoy!

okay so first I found her through her makeup tutorials, which are fabulous by the way. She posts tons of videos and very often. She posts a large range of videos and has a blog also. I love how professional looking her videos are and just how great she is at what she does.

She was one of the first beuaty gurus I subscribed to. All her tutorials are beautiful and wearable, although not always affordable since she uses more expensive brands for the most part. Sometthe times though, she'll through in a look with drugstore products. She also does Outfit's of the Day's all time and her style is great!

Now, I'm sure most of you have heard of her. If not, you are seriously deprived as a youtuber. Jenna Marbles is the funniest girl on this planet. Like literally I think I could die laughing from her videos. Now, her channel is not for the weak hearted. She does cuss a lot and is kind of vulgar. But, her videos are hilarious, she's gorgeous, and her dogs are adorable. Also, she updates every Wednesday!

Klair DeLys is my go to for more artsy, theatrical, detailed makeup looks. She updates enough, it's not like everyday but I think like every week or so. She is very very creative so if your into the more theatrical makeup, she's perfect for you!

A lot of you have probably heard of her, she's definitely one of the more well known gurus. She is also one of the admins for MyGlam which is a thing you suscribe to and you get a bag every month full of little goodies (All beauty related) for 10$ a month and then you get discounts on the stuff in the bag and yeah, it's really cool. Anyways, her tips and tricks for beauty are genius. Actually quite a few of the tips I love by, come from watching her videos.

I recently discovered her account and I really do love her videos. Her name is Polina by the way. She does lot's of Outfit of the Day's and Outfit of the Week's. She's around my age so I feel I can relate to her a little better and she is really good about telling where she got her clothes from and how much they were. She posts quite frequently, which is great. She does talk fast, and sometimes she does sound congested. So please, if you go and watch her videos, don't start hating on her because she really is awesome at what she does.

So that's it for today. I was out shopping today for school so I'll be doing a haul pretty soon, I hope. Also, my mom has been having me put together outfits for school and then taking pictures of them, so I think I'm going to out them to good use and post them on here as a School Outfit Ideas thing. Leave a comment below and tell me who your favorite youtuber is :) I'd honestly love to know! Thanks guys, love you! xoxo Kayla

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