Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surviving Middle School (for girls)

Okay, so I'm going to be a freshman next week. So I've lived through middle school and I know how nervous I was when I first entered. My middle school is grades 6-8. For some people middle school is one of the worst experiences in their school life.  And I know my personal experiences were full of ups and downs  and lots of complications and tears. But there were also tons of smiles and laughs. So this this for all you girls out there about to enter middle school, or maybe your already in middle school, whichever it is, this is for you. 

  • Okay first, just be yourself. That's my best tip. Don't try and change yourself for anybody. You'll make it through middle school much better if you're just yourself.
  • Pick the right crowd- try to find people who are like you. Try to avoid people who like drama, it's just not safe. Don't try to get in with the 'cool crowd' because trust me, they probably aren't even that cool. Try to be friends with everyone, I know having friends from different 'cliques' helped a lot in middle school because we changed classes every hour. So we had different people in every class, so it was best to be friends with everybody instead of just certain people so that you won't be that awkward person without a partner on an assignment. 
  • Stay organized!!! My language arts teacher always drilled this into our heads: middle school is where the real work starts. Once your in highschool all the fun and games stop and you need to focus on keeping your grades up for your GPA. Middle school is the best place to start getting organized. The best way is to thing everything separated. Have a different binder for each subject, just go ahead and make things easy on yourself by getting good at organization in middle school.
  • Okay, so this is the time when everybody's body is changing....lol. Girls are getting more curvaceous, boys going through voice changes and lots of new hormones, also, girls are starting their periods. Now I know this might be awkward, but really you need to listen. This is a good time to start showering every day, if you don't already. You don't have to wash your hair every day but definitely shower. Get some deodorant, you'll probably start shaving so get a good razor and shaving cream, and get a nice face wash. You're hormones are going to be changing too, so make sure to take care of your skin so you don't have acne. 
  • If you start wearing makeup, which I did in 7th or 8th grade, keep it light and simple. Also, keep it cheap. When you're first getting into makeup, don't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. You don't know how your skin is going to react to the makeup so don't spend a ton on makeup you may not end up using. Also, don't use an insane amount of makeup. In my opinion, all you should need is some mascara, some eyeliner, maybe some eye shadow, and blush. Keep the colors natural and pretty. Don't go and wear bright purple eye shadow and blue eyeliner. It's going to look like you're trying to grow up to fast.
  • Okay so, I know, now that you're older, you wanna boyfriend. I didn't get my first boyfriend untill the end of seventh grade. I  think that was a good time, plus my parents allowed it. Talk to your parents about it. If they don't think you're ready, than don't push it. And don't get a boyfriend just because you think it's cool. And if I guy who you've barely ever talked to asks you out, say no. Pick someone who you have a friendship with, that way, when you break up you can just go back to being friends. Also (I had this problem with a few friends) don't go out looking for a future husband. Because guess what? You're probably not going to find him. When you're young, dating should be just to have fun. Not anything that's going to last forever. I mean yes, I had a relationship that lasted around six months, but it's not like I planned it. And the boys, they aren't looking for wives, they're looking for fun. Don't convince yourself that some boy is 'the one' or that you're 'in love' because you are too young to know what that kind of love is. And if a guy is telling you he loves you after two days of dating, don't get caught up in it, because it's not really love.
  • So now's here's a little bit of a more serious topic. Don't let anybody push you to do anything. Whether its sex,drugs, lying, cheating, whatever. I know at my middle school, drugs was something that wasn't unheard of. Lot's of kids did it, I had friends who did it. They'd get high, drunk, whatever. I've watched people tear apart their lives for stupid things. My parents always get onto me about drugs, and so I always answer the same thing. "Drugs make you ugly." And it's true, you know those meth commercials? They aren't kidding. Drugs will mess up your inside and outside. So just don't do it. Also, don't ever let some guy push you into doing something you're not ready to do. Don't ever let yourself get into a situation where your vulnerable, either. Stay in groups, going on dates alone is awkward anyways.
Okay so I think I covered everything :) If you have any questions or want to talk to me about anything you can leave a comment down below or email me. My email is in my last post called "Contact Me" creative right? Lol anyways I hope I helped everyone who's going into middle school. Some of the things I mentioned may not be an issue at your school, but this was all from my personal experience. love you guys! xoxo Kayla 

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