Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Day Tips

Hey there! So I know a lot of you are going back into school soon, or are already in school so I thought I'd make this post to give you guys some tips about Picture Day. Mine is tomorrow and then I get back to school on the 13th. But yeah, I thought you guys would enjoy this :) so let's get started!

The Night Before
Okay, so for like any big event, you have to do some prep the nights and day before. Avoid eating anything salty, why? Salt makes you bloat. You don't want to look and feel gross the day of pictures because that will do nothing for you self confidence, or your smile. And if you do have something salty, try to drink the even amount or more of water to help flush all the salt out. Also, make sure to get lots of sleep. It really will help to get your sleep, I promise. 

Wash your hair the night before so that you have plenty of time to style it for picture day. Try to avoid getting any crazy haircuts or dye's right before picture day. This is not the time to experiment. Your hair needs to look natural and light, so don't use too much product or too many hair accessories. Sparkly hair pins tend to not show up well in pictures and may cause a glare if it's flash photography. 

Try to keep your makeup light and natural. Avoid using dewy-finish foundations or anything with high SPF because it may look oily. Keep shimmery eye shadows to a minimum but putting them only in the inner corners of your eyes, that way they'll catch the light but not so much that you look like a light bulb. Use matte /neutral eye shadows to define and contour your eyes. Use black or brown eyeliner to thicken up your lash line, avoid colored eyeliners, they might not show up well in the pictures. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes and make you look awake and happy. Use falsies if needed to really make your eyes pop, I recommend the individuals because they look much more natural. Use a black mascara to really make your eyelashes dark and lush. Try to limit what you put on your lips. Only a little bit of gloss or a sheer color so it looks natural. If you want to add some color to your face, use a cream blush and dab it on the apples of your cheeks. Lightly contour your face with a big fluffy brush so that the flash doesn't totally flatten your face. If you have light eyebrows, lightly define them so they aren't totally invisible. Remember to bring your lash curler and powder with you for last minute touch ups. Remember, you'll be looking back at these pictures for years to come, so keep your makeup timeless and light so you don't regret it.

What to wear?!
I highly suggest picking your outfit the night before. Pick something comfortable, so that you're not fidgeting the whole time. Probably only your top half is going to be in the picture, so there's no need to break out you frilliest mini skirt. Keep what your wearing in solid colors, or really simple patterns. Sometimes in the pictures, patterns may come off blurry or as totally different colors so be careful. Avoid wearing white because it generally doesn't turn out well in the pictures and may make you look bigger than you are. Shoes simple, basic, TIMELESS styles. Nothing too trendy or daring, you don't want to look back ten years from now and wonder what you were thinking that day. Chose simple jewelry that brings out your features instead of covering or distracting from them. 

Remember to consider everything when your getting ready for picture day. Be confident and happy. When they're taking the picture, be sure to really really smile. Not that stupid fake smile we all no how to do ;) think of something happy or funny to put that little twinkle in your eyes. Good luck! 

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