Friday, August 10, 2012

Things Mom's Don't Tell You About: Choosing Your Underwear

Hey guys, so this isn't to make anyone feel like awkward, or make anyone think I'm like a slut or anything. It's just going to be about how to choose your underwear according to whatever your wearing. Bras and panties. Okay, so yea I just hate it when  I can like see the pattern of a girl's bra through her shirt, or I see panty lines or someone's undies peekin' out above the belt. Cuz' even though some girl's may think it's attractive, it's not. It gives off the wrong impression and hey, that's not good, so let's get started.

Push Up bras- okay, everybody knows what a push-up bra is. If not, it's a bra with extra padding in the  cup so that your boobs look bigger. Generally push up bras are used when you want the extra oomf LMAO. But depending on the amount of padding, you can wear them for different things. Like for one, Victoria's Secret sells wear everywhere push up bras. They're meant to literally be worn everywhere and with anything. And like, don't think bad of people who wear  push up bras. Like, I wear them all the time, cause I'm small chested I mean, it's really not thst pig of a deal. I honestly think every girl needs at least one push up bra in their wardrobe just for special occasions.

Demi Bras/Shelf Bras- Okay, demi means half. And that's exactly what these kinds of bras are, they're only half of a cup. So pretty much they're a lot more revealing. These are definitely more for really really low cut tops and those nights with a special someone ;)

Multi-Way Bras- okay every girl needs one of these. End of discussion. lol just kidding, don't go out and buy one just cuz I say so. But they are a bonus to have. These are the bras that you can un-hook the straps from and wear them strapless, crisscrossed, one strapped, halter, low back, like pretty much anything you can think of. Generally you don't want to get these in like some fun pattern, first you need one in flesh toned, and then maybe black and white. Victoria's Secret has a great one called the Heartbreaker! Push-up plunge multi way. I have it and it works great! It comes with the two adjustable straps, a pair of leopard bikini straps so you can make it look like you have a bathing suit on, and a low back strap.

Wireless Bras- Wireless bras are good for beginners and to lounge in. I personally don't like them because I feel weird without the wire but a lot of people do like them. They're also very comfy to sleep in.

Sports bras- Okay sports bras is my one exception to bras with crazy patterns. They're super comfy and nice to lazy day in. But they do tend to make you look flat. You can buy padded ones and push-ups though.

Bikini Undies-These are the basics. The underwear every girl has been wearing since they were itty bittys. They're good for pretty much anything but sometimes they look leave panty lines.

Boyshorts- these are for the more conservative or sporty girl. They provide full coverage and you can get them in seamless and no show. I think every girl has these too, they're pretty basic.

Thongs- they're are a lot of opinions about thongs. In my opinion, they're just underwear. Thongs are definitely the pick if you don't want panty lines. I mean they're are some pieces of clothing that unless you do wear one, your going to have panty lines no matter what. Like bodycons, leggings, anything tight like that. They're are different types for different things so yeah. Don't be scared to buy them or ask for them, its just underwear. It's really no big deal.

Okayyy so that's it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed :) If you have any questions comment below or email me. My email is in one of my other posts from like a week ago. Thanks guys, love you! xoxo Kayla

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