Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Cover up from Old Tshirt

Hey again!

So last week I made this cute little cover up out of an old big pink t shirt.  
Isn't it super adorbs? But anyways I thought I should share where I learned how to do it and the little touches I added to make it more....well sparkly!
That's where I learned how to do it, the steps are super easy to understand and follow. The only things I did differently from the directions on there were that I cut out the bottom triangle and the whole neckline and the little strip at the back. But since that made the shirt completely fall off on top, I sewed a piece of scrapped ribbon I had leftover from some other project I did. Honestly, I think I looks way cuter with the ribbon since its silver and glittery and you could add whatever color/type of ribbon you wanted. In the picture it's kind of messed up, but the shirt actually falls off shoulder, but not so much that its's falling off. So yea, I thought it turned out super cute and I hope you guys think so too!
xoxo Kayla 

The DL on DIY's

Hey girls so I've found a new obsession!

DIYS, like I think i'm in love. So I spend my entire day, every day, at home watching my kid brother. I typically don't have anything to do. That was,  until I found a huge mother load of DIY projects and blogs. I love them. So far I've totally redone three old t-shirts, made some room decor, decorated my keys and headphones, and I have a long list of other projects to do to keep me entertained all summer. My favorite place to find projects is Pinterest and another blog called P.S.- I made this... it's such a cute little blog. She posts a picture of her inspiration and then gives you all the instructions on how to make it and its full of pictures so you can see exactly what to do. 


So what do you guys think of DIY's? Are you obbsessed with them too? Leave a link below to your favorite spot to get diys from!! xoxo Kayla

Monday, June 11, 2012

Manicure of the Day

Hey girlies,

So for today, I have a Mani of the Day :) Its really cute and chic. The pinkish corally color is by Jesse's Girl, I got it at walgreens and I can't find a name for it :/ so if someone knows the name of the color that would be great because I really love the color and will probably by using it in other MOTDs. The gold color is All About You by Sinful Colors. Its just a gold glitter, I can also see some light gold and red glitter in it but its mostly just a really pretty gold glitter.

So that was it for today :) There will probably be a few more posts later today, so look for those. I hope you guys liked this :) Request in the comments if there are any specific manicures you want me to do, I'd love the challenge. Thanks guys! xoxo Kayla

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

Hey guys, so today I have a review for you on the L'Oreal voluminous extra-volume collagen mascara. This is not my first purchase from the L'Oreal Voluminous line so I was super excited to try it out. This review is going to be of my first impression since I got it and tried it today, so if after a few more uses my mind changes at all, I will re-review it. I got the waterproof formula in black. So let's get started with the review!

I curled my lashes before both pictures so you guys could see my lashes  as well as possible :)

For the after picture, I added white eye shadow to my lids to make the black stand out more so you guys could see it better :)


 around 7 or 8$ at Publix


Cute, sleek and chic. All black and says L'Oreal on the side. Very simple and sophisticated. Its not to big, not to small, and it seems like it holds a good amount of product. Its .34 FL/ 10 ML. It's easy to open and makes a little click when it's closed all the way, which is really handy for me because I've wasted dozens of products because I didn't close them all the way. The wand is very good for getting into the inner and outer corners, and the little bristles are plastic(I think) and are firm but flimsy, like there's some stiffness but if I like rub the wand on my hand or the side of the bottle they bend.  I give the packaging a 5/5.


It goes on smoothly. The formula is kind of thick-ish but not heavy at all and is definitely a dark, true black. I didn't have any problems with clumps or flaking and it dried relatively fast. It smells like like most mascaras, kind of synthetic but not a bad smell? 


It makes my eyelashes look thicker, longer, and fuller so it's true to its name. It goes on smoothly with no clumps or flaking and it drys quickly. It also holds a curl well and doesn't weigh my lashes down.


I typically go through the L'Oreal mascara quicker than other brands....I don't know why, so it will be interesting to see if this product lasts longer or if i find myself needing to re-buy within a month or so. 

Will I rep-purchase?

From my first impression I would definitely re-buy this product :) I give it a 5/5 

So I hope you guys enjoyed this review :) It was my first one so tell me what you thought and if you'd like to see more of them. It was kind of weird seeing a picture of my eye up that close but ya' know whatever! Comment down below and tell me, have you ever tried this mascara? Did you like it? xoxo Kayla

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag?!

Hey there my lovely ladies,

Tonight, I'm going to tell you girls (or guys) about what I think the essentials are when packing your beach/pool bag. Having a bag packed is essential for the summer. I keep mine packed and sitting next to my door so I can just grab it and go whenever I'm rushing to the pool or lake. (Sadly, no beaches near me) Anyways I thought this would go perfectly with the season since (for me) summer has just started. Be expecting a couple more posts like this with a summery theme. And remember you can always request posts too!

  1. Sunblock- 2 types! One for your body and one for your face. The one for your face should be a cream and it should have a higher SPF than the one for your body. Nobody wants sunburn on their face, thats not fun. Also for your face, look for a dry touch or matte finish sunblock so you don't look greasy or oily. For your body, I recommend something that sprays on just so that you don't have to spend all your time at the beach rubbing lotion in :)
  2. Sunglasses- protect your pretty peepers with a stylish pair of shades. You don't want to be talking to some adorable lifeguard with your face all scrunched up 'cause you can't see.
  3. A little makeup bag- Okay, this little makeup bag will be to hold your more fragile, important, or private things. Just so that they're all secure in one place and you can take just the little bag out and put it somewhere else instead of tearing apart your bag looking for little things. Inside  this little bag should be: chapstick with SPF, waterproof mascara, some loose cash and change,a few hair ties and bobbi pins, a couple pieces of gum or some kind of mint/candy (maybe you got some salt water or chlorine water in your mouth? ew!), tampons (we always need to be prepared), and your ipod/phone.
  4. A towel or two- I only say two so you can have one to put on the sand and  one to actually dry off with. But if your just going to the pool, than you really only need one.
  5. A Good Book- Sometimes if your just chillin' or tanning, a good book would be a good distraction. I know I love reading on the beach, in the sun and all. Plus, for us sad girls who don't get to be in the poool during adult swim, reading is a good way to relax for a couple minutes. Now, this isn't the time to bring your school required reading book, bring something you'll enjoy and can relate to. :)
  6. A wide-toothed comb- When you get out of the water, a wide-toothed comb is the better choice because it will be much more gentle to your hair and keep the knots out.
Ok so I'm pretty sure that's it :) If there's anything I left out that you feel is essential to your beach bag than leave a comment below.  Love you guys! xoxo Kayla

Top 5 Mascaras

Heyo girls!

So for today, I'm going to tell you guys about my top 5 favorite mascaras. Now I'm the kind of person who when I find a product I like, I keep buying it. So all of these I've used a lot and re-bought a lot. Anyways let's get started. 

5. CoverGirl- Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara: Well first the name is a mouthfull. This was the first mascara I ever used. And I definitely recommend it to beginners or younger girls. It's not the best mascara, but it's not horrible. It is definitely waterproof which is good and it comes off pretty easily. All in all it's good but not the best, yet it would be great for someone who's never used makeup before or just starting to wear it.

4. CoverGirl- Lash Blast Volume: I really like this mascara, it totally gives me the volume it advertises. I generally don't wear it alone, I like to layer it with something that's lengthening. But overall its a really great mascara and I would recommend it to anyone who has length and wants volume.

3. CoverGirl- Lash Blast Fusion: Can you tell I like CoverGirl? :) Anyways, when I first bought this I used it up quickly, why? Because I used it every single day. I am currently on my 4th bottle. I really loved how this made my eyelashes look. I use it more for when I'm going for a natural-er look and sometimes I'll layer it with others for a more dramatic look. I would totally recommend this to anybody.

2. L'Oreal-Voluminous Million Lashes: I love this mascara, I literally use it every day. Not only do I love the packaging, the brush and formula do exactly what the mascara advertises. I'm on my second tube, and when I run out I'm definitely repurchasing.

1. Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes!: I don't think I could live without this mascara. This is my go to mascara, whether I'm not wearing makeup that day (which we all know means I'm wearing nothing but mascara and a little powder) or a friend is asking for a good mascara. I don't really like the price, 18$ I think, but other that that I love it! It makes my lashes look long, full, and dark. Which is exactly what I want in a mascara. Plus, the packaging is soooo adorable! Also, its all natural, so I don't have to worry about it killing off my lashes. I haven't tried the waterproof formula yet, but I definitely plan on it since I'll be spending a LOT of time underwater this summer :)

So I hope you guys liked this post, I know I had a bunch of fun writing it. Tell me, what's your all time favorite mascara? Thanks loves!