Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit

Two posts in one day!
 Can you believe it? This is awesome! Anyways, this post is going to be about finding the perfect bathing suit according to your body and personality. I hope you enjoy!

 Smaller on Top: 

If you're like me, and have a smaller bust, go for ruffles, bandeau tops, and padding! Ruffles will fill you out and give the allusion of curves up top. Lucky us, we're the only ones who look right in bandeau tops :) the look great and feminine, plus they give the least amount of tan lines if you wear then strapless. Something I like to where is a push up bandeau, it really does look great and it give the illusion that I have a little somethin' up top ;) Also, try to stay away from halter tops (at all) or with thick straps, if your smaller on top, sometimes that will bring to much attention to your shoulders and make your shoulders look much wider than they actually are.

I recommend: The Madi Push-Up Bandeau top from Victoria's secret, the Lace Ruffle Bandeau top from VS, and the Belle Bandeau top from VS. I own the bellle and I've tried on the other too and they look great!

Bigger on Top: 

Ok, so support and comfort are the main thing. Underwire is your best bet for support. Halter tops will definitely give you enough support, or something with a shelf. If your the more active type and plan to be swimming a lot, you may want to go with a one piece to make sure nothing pops out. I certainly don't recommend a push-up, you really don't need it, so stick with something that has light padding. You also don't want to look to top heavy. Seeing as I'm not bigger on top, I can't recomend anything specific....sorry girls!

Bigger on Bottom

If your a little bigger on bottom (also like me, thanks mom!) you need to try and pull the eye upwards. You also are probably going to have to shop for separates so you don't get a bottom that's the wrong size. This is the season for mis-matched suits. So, find something where the top is lighter than the bottom to draw the eye upwards. Or look for a swim-suit where the detailing is at the top; like beading, ruffles, patterns, whatever you like! Also, try a higher cut bottom, it'll make your legs look longer and thinner . :)

Straight as a Ruler

Ok so what you girlies want are curves? Well I'm gonna give it to you the easy way. You have to create the illusion of curves. Little details like beads, buttons, ties, and cutouts that draw your waist in and you bum,hips, and girls out will do everything for you. In almost every store you can find a cute little monokini that is cut in the shape of curves and in affect makes it look like you have curves too!

I recommend:
Victoria's Secret push-up wireless monokini.

Okay girls! I hope you all have fun embarking on your swimsuit searches! Take friends who will support you and tell you how you really look! With the right bathing suit, you can conquer summer. Remember to not try and change your body, just stay healthy and love what you have. As always comment and follow I would love to hear your thoughts :) Bye girls!


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