Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey guys!

      So I just got out of school on Thursday so that's why there haven't posted in a while. Sorry! But now since there's no school and I'm going to be spending most of my days at home, watching my brother and the dog, there are going to be a lot more posts!
       Anyways, today I'm going to share with you my beauty essentials for the summer. I'm of course basing this on my summer here in sunny Georgia so you can change anything to your specific area :)

  • First of all, never leave your house without sunscreen! I do not care if your makeup says it has SPF in it, you'd rather be safe than sorry. Nobody wants sunburn when they're trying to make a splash.

  • Secondly, I don't suggest wearing a lot of makeup during the summer. If your like me and spend 75% of your summer in water, than thats not a good idea. Even if a product is waterproof, that usually means tear or rain proof not underwater proof. Ya know what I mean? And nobody wants to look lik a raccoon when they're in the pool with a cute guy ;) I recommend just a trusty waterproof mascara if you really want to wear a little something.
  • Every girl needs a good pair of flip flops. They need to be comfy and cheap. Don't go out and buy a fancy pair of coach flip flops, stick with the 2$ ones from walmart :)

  • A bikini!! Duh! Every girl needs a perfect bathing suit that fits there body and personality :) (My nexy post will be about bathing suits so stay tuned!)

  • Conditioner. I can not stress this enough, especially for my curly-haired girlies like myself. If your like me and spend a lot of time in the pools you'll definitly need it. The chlorine in the pool with kill any moisture in your hair. Make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment ever couple of weeks to keep your locks lush.

  • A good pair of sunglasses. Your eyes are obviously very important, so make sure to protect them with a cute pair of sunglasses. That way, you'll be stylish and protected :)

  • Smile! Remember, even with or without makeup, you will always be a million times more beautiful with a big smile on your face :)
I hope you guys like this! As always comment and follow it really makes my day when someone tells me what they think! The postly question is: what do you think is your most used beauty product in the summer? Tell me, I really wanna know! Thanks guys love you!

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