Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Hair Care Routine: For Dry or Curly Hair

Ok, so I know there are girls out there who have really really really curly hair, like myself. And I know I always have trouble finding like hair care routines or products or tips that fit my hair. So, I decided to make this blog post because i want to help the curly cuties out there! And If your boyfriend or something has really curly hair but is male, this would probably work for him too! So first I'm going to show you a picture of my hair on a good day :)

So yeah it's really really curly. So let's get started with my hair care routine!
  • So first, I take a shower every morning and style my hair in there. All I have to do its put a whole bunch of conditioner in my hair, brush it out, and then put a little more in  when I get out before wrapping my hair in a towel. 
  • I let my hair stay in the towel for about ten minutes before taking it out and letting it air dry. Once I've gotten out of the shower, I try to limit my contact with my hair.
  • My is generally still like soaking wet when I take it out of the towel and it doesn't completely dry untill about 11 am at school. So it takes around three or four hours to completely dry with the conditioner in it.
  • I keep so much conditioner in it because with out it, my curls are all like fuzzy and I hate it. When I have the conditioner in it, it separates my curls in smooth, shiny, perfect, little ringlets. 
  • I wash my hair about once a week, why? Because it makes my hair dry and fuzzy. Which is another  bonus to all the conditioner in my hair: it makes my hair smell awesome!!
  • I use the Panteen moisture renewal line for curly hair
  • Once a month I do a deep conditioning hair treatment with mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and pure vanilla.

So that's it! Its pretty simple, nothing to hard or complicated. I hope you liked it!! I love to here your feedback so comment and follow please. And of course I have my post-ly question:  If you could get a tattoo what would you get, where, and why? And if you already have one or some, what is favorite one, where is it, and why? Thanks guys love you! xoxo Kayla

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