Monday, December 10, 2012

Miss Odyssey Pageant

Hey so as some of you may know I recently participated in a pageant that was hosted at my school. I told you guys I would show you pics and stuff so yea that's all this is :)

Okay so this was my dress :) It's by Jovani, it costed around 500-600$, and I got it in a size 2 with minor alterations to the hemline since I'm vertically challenged :) You can buy it here:

Um so my makeup was really pretty and pretty heavy. I used my Revlon Colorstay foundation and Ardelle medium black individual eyelashes. I was following this tutorial(down below) and I was very pleased with how it looked on me. The necklace was from Icing for about 14$ and I just had diamonds in all my piercings. I curled my hair using curlers that I rolled up to just under my chin and I left them in for a night and they lasted for two days before I re-rolled them for today.

ps. love her tutorials like seriously I'm obsessed!

This is what I wore for casual wear, but with my rose gold glitter wedges. Also, you'll either see this in an OOTD or OOTW soon because I wore it to school today with the scarf that's on the ground in the corner and my silver flats :)

These were my nails lol ta da! They're just simple pink and white acrylics and I got them done at a salon that we got a coupon to go to. I actually really really liked the service there! Like the workers spoke in english the whole time, they made sure to check if I liked what they were doing as they did it and I was very pleased with the look of my nails and toes when they were done :)

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  1. That dress looks like a wedding dress! It's really pretty though(: