Sunday, December 16, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Cute and Cozy

Hey! So I wore this on thursday I think and I'm just now getting it up :( sorry! Anyways it was raining all last week and it's actually raining again yea haha I'll just show you the pic.

Okay so I'm wearing a black long sleeved top from Rue 21, long black leggings from Rue 21, a light sparkly silver scarf from Charming Charlies, and my grey Uggs. For my nails I have french acrylics. My hair was just straight and for jewelry I had diamonds in all three holes. For makeup I have theBalm's Matt Batali blended into my crease and under my bottom lashes, black slightly winged liner on top, i lined my tightline, and lots of mascara per usual. On my face I just have some concealer under my eyes to brighten them up and some Maybelline Fit Me powder all over and Benefit's Coralista on my cheeks :)
That's it for today, comment down below if you want more of these or if you have any questions! Also, I'm putting all of my contact info down below :) xoxo Kayla


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