Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collective Haul: Bath and Body Works, Walmart, Sephora ect.

Hey guys so today I have a Collective Haul for all of you  :) This has been all of the shopping I've done within the last like 3 or 4 weeks and I decided to share with you guys :) This also has either some or all of the things I got in my November Glam bag which I reccommend for everyone to check out. You pay 10$ a month to get a cute bag with 5-6 full sized/deluxe sample sized beauty products and you get to be a part of a really great community for makeup lovers :) Go to or search ipsy on facebook for more info :) So let's get started!

Okay so here's just a pic of all of the beauty products I've gotten....yea lol

 Okay so from top to bottom: I've got L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in 670 Black/Noir which I'm pretty sure is the darkest one and I purchased it from Publix for around 9$ and this is actually my third bottle, yea I really love this mascara. After that I have Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronze Tint, it's just a sample tube and I actually don't think I'm going to be using it anytime soon just because it has SPF in it and I take a lot of pictures around this time of year and I don't want my face to come out looking white, I got this as a gift so I don't know the price sorry. On the bottom is Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel, I got this in my last Glam Bag and I actually really like it, it works well and keeps my eyebrows tamed and nice-looking.
 So in this photo above from left to right I have: Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in the color natural tan for Normal/Dry Skin, and if you ever actually watch me put it on, it looks like its too dark, but naturally my body is darker than my face so I match my makeup to my body instead of my face so I don't have a white face with a dark body, I purchased this at Walmart for around 12$ I think. Next I have a Wet n' Wild Color Icon trio in the Colors Walking on Eggshells I got this one and another one ,Silent Treatment, as gifts so I don't have the pricing but I'm pretty sure there somewhere around 5$. Next I have Urban Decay Primer Potion I just needed a refil and I bought it from Sephora for 20$. Next is a theBalm Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow in the color Matt Batali and I got this in my November Glam bag as well. Next, is a Mac Paintpot in the color painterly which is just a pinkish light fleshy tone I also got this as a gift but I'm pretty sure they retail for around 16-20$
This is just the Wet n Wild trio in Walking On Eggshells. The bottom color, I think, is a dupe for Urban Decay's Sin or Mac's Jest. And the top color I think is a dupe for Mac's Vanilla.

These are the theBalm eyeshadow and Mac's Paintpot. I've recently been using these two everyday, I'll apply the paintpot all over and then put Matt Batali in the outer corner with a small dome shaped brush and then take a clean fluffy blending brush( I use a Mac 217) and blending it into the crease. The Matt Batali color is like a cool greyish brown color that I find very flattering on my brown eyes so if you have those you should try that :)

 These are just some brushes I picked up from Walmart by Soho. It came in a four-pack for like 13$ and it's the ones without writing it's their highlighting brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, and foundation brush. The one with the writing is the ELF Studio eyeshadow "c" brush and I got it as a gift but I'm pretty sure it retails for 3$.
 Next is just my Maybelline Line Express eyeliner in Ebony Black, I just needed a cheap black eyeliner and I'm pretty sure it was around 6$
 Okay so this is all the stuff I got from Bath and Body Works. On Top: Country Chic shower gel, it smells like flowers and the country side so I like it a lot.
Bottom from lef to right: Paris Amour shower gel, Cashmere Glow shower gel (I actually got 3 of them because I love the smell of it so much and my mom and I go through it really quickly), Cashmere Glow sugar scrub, and Casmere Glow triple moisture body cream. I really love the Cashmere Glow stuff, obviously, because its peaches and vanilla which are my too favorite scents and ugh idk I just love it soooo much and you should definitly go check it out :)
 So this is my moisturizer, my Grandma actually buys it for me and gives it to me just whenever I run out or if I see her and so yea. It's the Ahava smoothing moisturizer for normal to dry skin. It's actually made from date extract and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel and it just feels really great on my skin and keeps it nice and soft.
 Okay so I got this from Plato's Closet for like 5$ its a 3/4 length sleeve shirt with a high-low bottom and its really loose and flowy and super cute this is a size small. Oh and it was origanally from Forever 21.
Okay so this is a white with silver leopard print tank body-con dress also from Plato's. You can see on the picture below that it has an exposed zipper on the back. It was origanally 23$ from Charlotte Rousse (still had the tags on it) and I got it for 8$ yay for thrifting!

 This is the back of the Charlotta Rousse dress and btw I got it in a size XS
This is just a light wash chambray shirt also form Plato's. It has a cute patch on the front and its a long-sleeved button up. I'm so excited to wear this and I'll make sure to put to take pictures of my outfit with this to show you guys :)

Last thing I got was this cute sheer ivory button up, I don't know if you can see but the buttons are gold and I love that. Also, as you can see in the pic below, the back has little hearts cut out at the top which is super cute and I saw a shirt like this on pinterest earlier but in black and I was sooo excited to find this. I actually wore it on Thanksgiving with my high-waisted skinnies and brown wedged booties :) Also I got this from Marshals for like 15$ and it's a size small :)

So that's it for today guys :) I'm going to dry to do an Outfits of the Week this week and probably some Faces of the Week (wow that sounds weird but I mean like makeup) too this week so keep an eye out for those :) And just before you ask, I didn't get any of this stuff for black friday, I actually had to babysit that night so all of this stuff was like full priced except for the Bath and Body Works cuz they had a Buy 3, Get 3 sale going on so yea :) Also, I'm probably going shopping this Friday also to pick up some things for my pageant the next day so I'll do a haul of that and I'll post lots of pics of my pageant look and what not. So yea that's it I'll talk to you guys later! xoxo Kayla

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