Monday, December 10, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus of 2012

Okay so recently I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube and a good bit of them have been like who the person's favorite Youtubers are. Soooo I decided to do one of my own :) These are in no particular order, they're just the people who's videos I always watch and am always excited for and yea let's get started.

  1. amarixe  I just love her videos soo much! She always uses well know products that are easy to find and buy and she explains things really well. Not to mention she also updates like crazy so almost every time I get on Youtube she has something new to watch!

2. laurenbeautyy first of all, I love her voice. Just oh my gosh I wish I had her voice. Next, she's totally gorgeous and all of her tutorials are totally beautiful and varied! She has something for everyone!!

2. JLovesMac1 oh my gosh....This girl is just hillarious. She is definitly one of the most enthusiastic and energetic gurus on Youtube and all of her tutorials are super gorgeous and easy!!

3. shaanxo she's another guru who's voice I'm like obsessed with. Lol I think she's like Austrailian or from New Zealand or something like that. Anyways, her tutorials are sooo easy and pretty and they're good for someone who's not afraid of wearing a more dramatic eye on a regular basis. She's also great at including lots of tips but I wouldn't recommend her for someone just getting into makeup cuz her looks might be too dramatic for you.

4. CarliBel55 she's so pretty and her tutorials are sooo thorough and definitely wearable! The only thing is sometimes it seems like her tutorials can get kinda repetitive but other than that I love her!

5. Macbarbie07 okay she is just soooo cute and I love all of her videos and how she just explains things sooo well and has such a fun time with it. She definitely makes me laugh at least once in every video.

6. JennaMarbles so Jenna is one of those Youtubers who you really should know or else you must like live under a rock or something because this girl is hillarious!! She updates every Wednesday and yes I'm one of those weirdos who will pretty much check up every hour on Wednesday just to see if she's uploaded yet :) Anyways if you've never watched her videos you need to stop whatever your doing right now and go watch every single one of her videos because they will have you rolling on the floor laughing. No joke.

Umm so yeah these are all of my favorite Youtubers lol ummm I'm going to go now cuz I have a project to work on sooo yea bye!! xoxo Kayla

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