Monday, December 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day 12/2

Heyyy so I was actually planning on doing and OOTW for this and the other outfits but I ended up having to wear sweats Wednesday, Chorus spiritwear Thursday, and like normal school spiritwear on Friday. And for the most  part I'm never going to show you any of my school spiritwear because it'll be too easy to find out where I go to school and I assumed none of you were too interested in what I wore for sweats so I'm just going to do the two outfits separately :) I'm probably going to be doing a lot more of OOTDs and OOTWs so yeaaa if you like these comment below and yeah!!

Okay, so first off I'm sorry for the quality of this picture....usually my phone takes pretty nice pictures but this one just kind of turned out bad and I didn't have the time to retake it. Anyways for my top I'm wearing my chambray top from Plato's and under that I just have a white tank top from Aeropostale. With that I have a pair of long black leggings. For shoes I think I either paired with it my silver glittery flats or my grey UGGs. For my necklace its just this three strand pearl necklace with like bigger beads in the middle and beads that get gradually smaller as you move out. For earrings I just had pearls in all my holes but like small ones in the top, medium sized ones in the middle and big ones in the bottoms.
For makeup I followed this tutorial: 
The only thing I changed was using theBalm Meet Matt(e) Matt Batali eyeshadow and putting some on my lower lashes, also I didnt do my eyeliner quite as thick as hers but I did wing it out.

Anyways thanks guys! I'll probably have the other OOTD uploaded sometime later tonight or tomorrow :) love you guys and please comment below if you want more of these or if you want anything like really specific :) xoxo Kayla

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