Monday, December 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day 12/3

Heeeyy so this is my third post for today woot woot! Anyways this is the other OOTD that I promised :) So yeeaaa comment down below if you like these and if you want more or if you want more of soemthing else or ya know whatever just to say hi :) Your comments always make my day :)

So I was wearing a grey and black leopard print highlow top that I mentioned in my last haul. With that I wore my black bodycon skirt from wetseal and my silver flats. I just straightened my hair and threw on my dark grey scarf from ,I think, Charming Charlie's. 

For makeup I follow this tutorial:

I usually am following some kind of tutorial for my makeup so I'll probably start attaching the videos a lot more often :)
love you guys! comment below :) xoxo Kayla

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