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Piercings 101

Soooo I'm obsessed with piercings. Which you guys may or may not know but yea I am. And i plan to get many in the future. So this is for people who love piercings just as much as I do or anybody who's curious. It's just going to be a list of types of piercings, where they are, their names, and pictures! So yea let's get started :)

Ear Piercings

  • Lobe- these are your basic piercings. Most girls will have these. I have three going up my ear, with no cartilage so yea. These will also be the part of your ear that you can stretch with gauges.

  • Anti-Tragus- This will be on cartilage so it will hurt more. It's not as common as some of the others.

  • Auricle- I actually didn't know what these were until recently. Its just any piercings on your ear that are on the side of your ear where it's cartilage.

  • Conch- I really don't know how to describe this one except for ow. Cuz it's going through like the middle of your ear and its all cartilage so it's gonna hurt like a b. 

  • Daith- This is that piercing that goes on that part of your ear that kind of curls in above your tragus.

  • Industrial- okay so most of you probably already know what this one is or you've seen it before. But anyways its that bar at the top of the ear that connects like a basic cartilage piercing to another piercing on the other side. Theres another version of this one that's the same thing but connected to your rook so that will be the second picture :)

  • Orbital- it's actually just two piercings connected by one piece of jewelry, usually the jewelry is a ring, though. If you have a set of doubles on your lobes than you could even have one with those and it would look really cool!

  • Pinna/Cartilage/Helix- this is another one of those really really common ones. Its just that high "corner" of your ear. It'll most commonly be called a cartilage or helix though.

  • Foward Helix- this is actually one I'm planning on getting in the future! I think they're totally gorgeous. Anyways they're on that little bit of skin right in front of your ear above the tragus and across from the Helix (hense why it's called a forward helix). Usually people will get them in sets of three or sometimes four.

  • Rook- okay when I first saw this one I was super confused because I thought it was just a daith. But it's actually right above the daith so yea be careful with those and don't mix em up :)

  • Snug- I really don't know how to describe this so I'm just going to show can also be called an Anti-helix.

Tragus- this is another one that you here about a lot. I might get one but I'm not totally sure. Its just that little round thing on the front of your ear.

  • Transverse Lobe- it goes through the side of your ear lobe, like instead of front to back, it goes from side to side, so you can see both ends of whatever jewelry you put in it.

  • Verticle Tragus- okay in my opinion this looks just like a double yea i don't know, to each his own i guess....

  • Weaving- this is pretty much just a bunch of piercings that are connected by one piece of jewelry that kind of spirals or weaves through them.

Facial Piercings (Excluding Lip and Mouth)

  • Chin Piercing- it's exactly what it sounds like. Personally, I don't like them. And I'm sorry this was the only picture I could find that looked like okay.

  • Cheek Piercings- I call these the dimple piercings :) That's where most people get them, but technically it's anywhere on your cheek.

  • Eyebrow Piercings- well the name is pretty self-explanatory but yes, it's just a piercing through the eyebrow. 

  • Anti-Eyebrow- this is under the eye, along the cheek bone.

  • Horizontal Eyebrow- this will just follow the direction of the eyebrow and be flat.

  • Nose Piercing- just your basic nose piercing. Very common.

  • Septum Piercing- this is just a piercing on the bit of skin that separates your nostrils. It's also the same things that cows and bull's have.

  • Austin Bar Piercing- i feel like this must of hurt a lot. It goes through the tip of your nose. It's pretty much the same as the nassaslang.

  • Bridge- its a piercing on the bridge of your nose. I like them on other people but I don't think I'd ever get one. You can also get a verticle one that's called a third eye.

Lip and Mouth Piercings (now these are the fun ones)

  • Standard- it's just a single off center piercing under the lower lip. It's the most popular type of lip piercing.

  • Monroe/Madonna Piercing- it's a single piercing above the lip on the left side. It's called a Monroe because Marilyn Monroe had a beauty mark there and yea. Super cute. A right side one is called a Madonna but if you ask a piercer for a monroe on the right they're not going to correct you or anything.

  • Medusa Piercing- single, centered above the upper lip in the cupid's bow.

  • Labret- single, centered under lips.

Verticle Labret- same thing as labret except the top bit of the piercing actually goes through the bottom lip.

  • Ashley Piercing- like the verticle labret where the top is in the lip except the bottom is inside the mouth. So you only see the top.

  • Jestrum Piercing- it's just a labret in the top lip.

  • Delilah Piercing- it's piercings at the corners of the mouth. 

  • Snake Bites- these are really popular and you've probably seen them before.

  • Spider Bites- two standard piercings off center on one side of the mouth. If you have a set on each side of your mouth, then they're called Shark Bites.

  • Angel Bites- snake bites but on the upper lip. They're not quite as popular because they're hard to pull off.

  • Dolphin Bites- like snake bites but closer together on the bottom lip.
(the two smaller balls are dolphin bites the bigger ones are cyber bites)

  • Cyber Bites- its a labret and a medusa combined. So a single centered piercing above the lib and under the lip.

  • Canine Bites- angel bites and snake bites combined so there are four piercings.

  • Smiley Piercing- it's the upper lip frenulum. They're super easy to hide.

  • Frowny Piercing- same thing as the smiley but on the lower lip frenulum.

  • Tounge Piercing- a single piercing vertically through the tongue.

  • Edge Piercings- it's on the edge of your tongue. Also called tongue rim piercings.

  • Tongue Web Piercing- it's the frenulum of your tongue. So that little bit of skin under your tongue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth :)

  • Venom Tongue Piercing- just two off-center piercings on your tongue.

Hand Piercings

  • Hand Web Piercing- Ya know how if you seperate your thumb and pointer finger you have that little flap of skin? Yea, that's your web. So yea, that's where that on is. Technically, you can get it on any of the webs between your fingers but it's most common between your thumb and pointer finger.

  • Finger Ring Piercing- I think these are soooo cute! It's just a dermal or a surface piercing on your finger where a ring would go.

  • Knuckle Piercings- it's exactly what it sounds like. it's a piercing between your knuckles.

Navel Piercings

  • Basic Belly Piercing- you probably have heard of this....or seen it...or have it ;)

  • Lower Navel Piercing- it's just a basic belly piercing but on the bottom part of your belly button. Generally you'll see these with normal ones so its a double.

  • True Navel Piercing- so only people with outies can get this cuz it's actually going through the belly button.

Other Piercings
  • Hip Piercings- it's pretty much self explanatory it's any kind of piercing on your hips so microdermals, dermal anchors, and surface.

  • Uvula Piercing- okay every time I see this i just cringe. BTW your uvula is that little thing that hangs down at the back of your throat. I really don't know how people get this done because I've pretty sure if you touch your uvula you puke or at least gag like'm not sure.

  • Corset Piercings- I think these are sooooo pretty. But I'd never actually get one. Anyways it's actually multiple piercings that are laced together by ribbon. You can get them pretty much anywhere.

*Bonus* Extreme Piercings!

Okay so that's it! I really hope you liked this and you all learned from this :) I know I learned a bit from this! Comment down below if you have any of these are if you're thinking of getting any of them and yea :) Also I just wanted to put this out there but I got on blogger yesterday and my blog has had 1500 views and..oh my gosh you guys just don't understand how happy that makes me. Like yea, I know my blog definitely isn't one of the most popular out there but I'm so thankful for everyone who reads my posts and and follows them and yea so thanks guys! Also, last thing, I have finals next week so if I don't get to update until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you!! I love you all sooo much! xoxo Kayla

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